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  1. Jim Strickland

    Vortex Plate for WSM

    Does anyone have a Vortex Plate? If so, how do you like it?
  2. Jim Strickland

    Problem with propane?

    I have an Kenmore gas grill that is approximately 5 yrs old. Yesterday and today it rained. Yesterday l cooked hamburgers on it and had no problem getting it up to 500 degrees. I left the cover off over night. Today l cooked brats and l couldn't get it heated past 370 degrees and the burners...
  3. Jim Strickland

    Weber grill for sale - Farmington Hills, MI

    Craigslist $35 not sure model but 3 burner.
  4. Jim Strickland

    Thank you Weber Customer Service!

    I was at a friend's house today so my daughter could swim when we got on the subject of his Weber Genesis natural gas grill. He has used it year round for the past six years. The grill box has a hole in the side of it and one of the burner tubes has burn through. He asked me where the...
  5. Jim Strickland

    Caribbean Rub

    Does anyone have a recipe for a Caribbean rub that they have used? I tried to emulate but with no luck. Thanks.
  6. Jim Strickland

    Need help with lump charcoal on the 22.5 WSM

    I did my 1st high temp bbq chicken cook on the WSM today using lump charcoal. I had a hard time keeping it above 300 deg F but the chicken came out well it just took longer than l'm used to. All vents were open fully with no water bowl or 2nd rack. I’ve never experienced this on the Weber...
  7. Jim Strickland

    Smoked chicken on the WSM and brine.

    My kids really want me to start brining my splayed chcken before l smoke them. I’ve never really seen the need but l have on occasion brined. l’m open to change but what reason to must brine am l missing?
  8. Jim Strickland

    Hello from SE Michigan

    Hi my name is Jim. I grew up using the 22 inch Weber Kettle. It has been a work horse for both grilling and smoking. Until Fathers Day it was the only Weber l owned. I now have a 22.5 Weber Smokey Mountain which drove me to find this wonderful website. Once here l knew l had to join. I...