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  1. Bob Correll

    There's a glut of A5 Wagyu in Japan

    FT article: Well that link didn't work as planned. Here's a quote: "Cancelled business dinners, postponed dates, empty ryokan inns and the sudden absence of gourmet tourists from around the world has given Japan’s government a...
  2. Bob Correll

    Pork Steak for Two

    Day 3,692 of self isolation, or at least it seems that way. I, and you, enjoy outdoor cooking and feel sorry for those who don't. Sided with green beans and oven made crash hot potatoes, not shown. Hang in there folks, we'll all get through this together.
  3. Bob Correll

    Chimney dog, and hot & fast chicken.

    Not much to see here. After several gloomy, rainy days in the 40's we hit 80 yesterday. Hot dog for lunch, half a chicken on the 14" for dinner.
  4. Bob Correll

    What's cooking this weekend?

    Inside or outside, no pics needed. I have a 2.75 lb. slab of 12 day cured belly getting cold smoked. A little experiment using Kingsford Cherrywood, and sweet cherry wood from Fruita wood. The briqs only have little chips near the outside, so I thought they would work great with the snake...
  5. Bob Correll

    Filet mignons over some old KBB

    The older I get, the heavier items are getting. I pulled a bag of Kingsford blue bag from my stash and thought damn, even these 18 lb. bags are heavier than normal. That's when I noticed the weight was 21.6 lbs. from an old twin pack sale buy at Home Depot. How long has it been since those were...
  6. Bob Correll

    Anyone else watching XFL football?

    My wife and I gave up on the NFL with all the kneeling and the Rams owner taking the team back to LA. We do watch all of MIZZOU's games, and some KC Chiefs games. We're really enjoying the St Louis Battlehawks. The games are faster paced and a nice filler until regular season baseball starts...
  7. Bob Correll

    French Dip----sort of

    I'd rather have a good French Dip sandwich than a good burger. Just meat, bread, and au jus for me. A local store sells shaved CAB beef, not sure of the cut, so I thought I'd see how well it would make a FD sandwich. Lamb & Weston shoestrings nuked to thaw, then browned up on the griddle before...
  8. Bob Correll

    Amazon link replaces this forum's window

    Not really a problem for me, but when I use the Amazon link here it doesn't open in a new window, their website replaces the forum's page. It didn't do that with the other software.
  9. Bob Correll

    Some threads and photos not showing

    I went looking for the last post wins thread in Just Conversation, couldn't find it. A post by Rich Dahl shows Flickr urls but not photos, at least for me.
  10. Bob Correll

    Quote only the text you want

    FYI Now you can highlight part of someone's post to quote only the line(s) you want. I really like that feature!
  11. Bob Correll

    The best barbecue joint in every state, according to Yelp

    Take it with a grain of rub, of course.
  12. Bob Correll

    Smoking Goose charcuterie

    Taste Makers is a locally, St Louis, produced PBS show. I found this half hour episode very interesting, I hope you do too.
  13. Bob Correll

    Pellet fuel discussion

    With some members buying a Weber SmokeFire, or another brand of pellet grill, I thought a thread about fueling them would be helpful. Hopefully current users will chime in with recommendations, and which ones to stay away from. I've seen Lumber Jack mentioned a few times and a local Rural King...
  14. Bob Correll

    Chef's Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer $90 on WOOT

    Looks like a good deal, but I already have a slicer. Walmart shows it for $160, and out of stock, Amazon's price appears to be $160. I'd research it before buying...
  15. Bob Correll

    Easy Sloppy Joe recipe

    I made these SJ's today on the stove, could be made on a grill. Much better than the canned sauce. A good base for add ins, like onion, peppers, etc. Ingredients 1 pound ground beef 1/8 cup brown sugar 1/8 cup mustard 1/2 cup ketchup hamburger buns Instructions Brown the ground beef in a...
  16. Bob Correll

    Check your pork shoulder for some loose cash

    $3 MILLION CASH FOUND IN BARRELS OF RAW PORK INSIDE 18-WHEELER TRUCK "A traffic stop on December 7, 2019 led to the discovery of $3 million in cash hidden inside barrels of raw pork shoulders, in Cleveland County, NC."
  17. Bob Correll

    Mr Lampe, you might want to sit down if you read this

    Jim and I have, all in fun, went back and forth about Brussel sprouts over the years. He the lover of them, me the hater. I saw this article recently and decided to give them a try after many years of avoiding the little ba$tards. Following...
  18. Bob Correll

    Blue Rhino small cast iron griddle at Lowe's, $10.60 (maybe)

    I saw these at my local Lowe's today for about half price at $10.60. No clue if these are on clearance at other stores, so I'd check online or by calling first. I didn't get one, but plan to go back for one after reading the good reviews on Lowe's website. Reversible, with ridges on one side...
  19. Bob Correll

    Costco pit smoked brisket kit

    possibly coming to a store near you.
  20. Bob Correll

    Apparently Arizona has been Craving White Castle sliders

    White Castle puts 60-slider limit into place on opening day in Arizona