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    Fresh Italian Sausage

    Hey there! Going along with my jump into making my own bacon, I've been dabbling in making my own sausages. A week or so ago, I got together with a buddy of mine who was curious about making Italian sausages, so I said for sure I'd love to try it as I've only done brats to date. Spent a Saturday...
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    Winter Break Bacon

    Hey there everyone! Haven't posted in a while, but definitely lurking! I'm a bit ashamed to say that I had never made bacon before. Over winter break I decided to give it a whirl. This first go was more of a test than anything. I bought about a 10lb belly from Costco, and divided it into 5lb...
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    Been a While...Turkey Breast

    Hey there, been a while since I posted a pic. Never fear, been lurking and enjoying everyone's posts. I decided to do some Texas style smoked turkey breasts and used the method on this forum. Thawed and deboned some Butterball breasts. Salt and pepper rub. Set up the kettle with a snake and had...
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    HnF Brisket

    Been a while since I posted. Picked up a 13lb brisket from Restaurant Depot. Let it sit in fridge for about 4-5 weeks. Wasn't planning on doing it until next weekend but got a little nervous about it going bad. Opened cryovac, just smelled like beefy goodness. Seasoned with Meat Church Holy...
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    New Grill

    I know it's not a Weber, but figured this crowd would appreciate anyway. You gotta love having a brother in the beer biz!!! Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr :cool:
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    B-Day Party Brisket

    Brother hosted a birthday party and wanted pulled pork, so he made that. I wanted to try and start working on honing my brisket skills, so I did that. Technically there were no losers, but dang I feel like I nailed it. :cool: Rubbed with a light dusting of kosher salt and pepper, then with a...
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    New Grill

    There's not much about Illinois these days that makes one proud, except when you live 15 minutes from the unassuming mecca of the Weber parts warehouse in Palatine, IL. I went in to buy a replacement cover for the WSM 22" but walked out with a new grill. I give you, the burger for 1 grill...
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    Beef Short Ribs 7/8/17

    Finally picked up a couple of slabs of beef short ribs from Restaurant Depot. Choice Grade, really well marbled. I liked to think I have fairly large hands at 6'2" 275lbs, but these ribs made them look smallish haha. Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr Seasoned up with Oakridge Black Ops. First...
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    Couple Slabs of Ribs

    Ashamed to say that I've never tried the Oakridge rubs. Just received my package in the mail the other day so I'm giving the Dominator Sweet Rib Rub a whirl today. 1 slab baby back, 1 slab St. Louis. Running 275* with some cherry wood. Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr
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    Memorial Day Lunch

    Just a few quick brats boiled in beer and onions, then on the performer along with some caramelized onions. Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr
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    Mother's Day Cook

    Who am I to argue when the wife wants BBQ for Mother's Day? Had a slab of baby backs and a couple of beef short ribs. Sorry no plated pics of everything with the beans, mac and cheese, salad, and corn on the cob, but it was a feeding frenzy! Short ribs rubbed with salt, pepper, and some garlic...
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    Spatchcocked a Bird

    Hey there everyone, just enjoying the weather around the Chicago area. Just a little spatchcocked bird. Looking good so far. :blueperformer: Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr
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    Vortex Inaugural Run

    Giving the Vortex its inaugural run. Big Red ready to go Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr Vortex loaded up Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr Ring o' wings Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr Added a chunk of cherry wood Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr Smells great! Can't wait for the finished product. :)
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    Pulled Pork Tamales

    Had some leftover pulled pork in freezer from some butts I smoked for Super Bowl. I've always loved and have wanted to try making tamales, but a bbq sauce version. I woman I work with gave me her way of making the masa which includes pre-made masa dough, and just jazzing it up with chicken...
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    Super Bowl...Super Butts

    Making some pulled pork for tomorrow's game Rubbed with some Famous Dave's and a little Blues Hog. Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr Got half of a small chimney fired up. Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr WSM is up to temp @ 235, and butts are on. We'll see how they look come the morning.
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    Weber By Moonlight In the Snow

    Hey everybody! Been a while since I posted, but I have been lurking and cooking. Not a cook here, but just thought it was pretty cool looking my Weber family in the snow by full moonlight. Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr
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    Babies On The Performer

    Went to use the 22" WSM this afternoon and I don't know what happened, must have been from a storm we had a week or two ago, but the bottom of the WSM was partially filled with water and the inside was getting a little funky. :confused: Used some Simple Green to scrub out the inside and then did...
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    My Commute

    Never get tired of seeing this sign on my daily commute in and out of Palatine. Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr
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    Happy Father's Day To Me

    Just me and my daughter today. Babybacks on the kettle Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr Some mac and cheese Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr And some Moscow Mules for dad Untitled by C Lasko, on Flickr
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    Spring Brisket

    Hey there! It's been a long while since I've, school, kids, etc. But I have been lurking and admiring everyone's cooks. We had a crazy little blizzard-like episode in Chicago yesterday. I decided to say that heck with that noise and pick up myself a nice prime brisket from Costco...