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    Lodge Cast-Iron Pizza Pan

    In reading the instructions on cleaning the 14" Lodge Pizza Pan it states after it is dry to add a few drops of cooking oil. Question, what is the best way to store-it after adding the oil? My thinking is that I will store it in a plastic bag or in aluminum foil???
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    Weber Simple Pizza Sauce

    Yesterday I attended a three(3) hour "Weber Grill Academy" Pizza Course given here in San Jose, Costa Rica in which I really enjoyed and learned a few things in preparing a variety of pizzas for both the charcoal and gas grills. The following is a pretty good simple recipe for a Weber tomato...
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    Two at a Time

    What is your Plan-of-Action when lighting and operating two(2) Weber 22" Charcoal Kettles at the same time? I need to Grill some thick Pork Chops/Steaks for around fifteen(20) persons next week and I have never lighted-up two(2) Kettles at the same time. What is the most efficient way to...
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    Flies and Ants

    How do you protect your food from the fly and ant population while preparing your BBQ outside? Also, how do you exactly prepare your BBQ Cook inside your kitchen, i.e., using sheet pans, Aluminum foil, kitchen plates, etc.?
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    Cajun Bandit Rotisserie(CBR)

    I am thinking of adding the (CBR) to my BBQ Arsenal; so, I would like to hear comments regarding your satisfaction with this product and should I buy the one with the electric or battery operated motor.
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    Weber Performer Timer Clock

    My new Weber Performer Deluxe arrived all connected except for the timer clock. Seemed simple enough that any "bonehead" can do, however, both the wife and I are having trouble installing this timer clock correctly into the space provided. It does enter this space, however, you almost need a...
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    Weber Firespice Cedar Planks

    In grilling Salmon on these Cedar Planks; how many times can you re-use these Planks and are you happy with the results?
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    Weber Performer Deluxe Tips??

    My New Weber Performer Deluxe kettle was Delivered Pre-Assembled yesterday to my Apartment. This is the first time using a Weber Kettle with a Propane Ignitor; so, the instruction book shows two(2) places to check for leaks using water-soap spray. If any water bubbles surface I have a leak...
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    Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal

    I bought my "Kingsford Blue Bag Charcoal" from a Cosco-Like Store called "Pricesmart" here in the San Jose, Costa Rica area. However, they recently discontinued selling it and have replaced it with the "Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal". For grilling purposes only; how bad or good is this...
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    How Much?

    Since today I bought a new Weber Performer Deluxe I want to sell my 3 year old Weber Mastertouch 22" Grill which is in very good condition. I paid $225 new for this Kettle which a Costa Rican friend won in a raffle and estimate I can sell it now for at least $150 here in Costa Rica as they are...
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    Cleaning After Using "Grill Grates"

    How often do you clean your main Weber charcoal grill which is under the "Grill Grates" from the Grill Grate Company? I have the custom Grill Grates which cover around 80% of my Weber Smoky Joe's Main Grill and only the part of the main grill which is not covered by the Grill Grates become...
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    Eyelet Kit for WSM

    Back in the year 2008 I bought a new WSM 18" which now I call a "Classic". My question is will my "Thermoworks Smoke and Chef-Alarm Pro-Series Probes" fit through the "BBQ Guru Eyelets" on my WSM?
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    Maverick ET-733 Problem

    The rubber cover for the antenna on my Maverick ET-733 Temperature Gauge peeled-off which now exposes the "spring-type" Antenna. I tried to reposition this cover to no avail as it is broken, so, any of your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    Cleaning the WeberQ Grates

    What do you members use to clean the grates on your Weber Q? Can you use the Weber Cleaning Brush?
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    Weber Gourmet Grill Pan

    Regarding the dimensions on the Weber Q 1200; will the round Weber Gourmet Grill Pan which is 12 inches diameter fit on this grill?
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    Ash Catcher Sweep Sticking

    My two(2) year old Weber 22" Mastertouch Grill's Ash Catcher Sweep(ACS) is sticking and does not sweep the burned ash smoothly into the Ash Catcher. I sprayed some WD-40 on top and underneath the three(3) sweeps on the ACS and yesterday I burned some hot charcoal on top of the ACS and the...
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    Wood Chunk Longivity

    I have a bunch of unused Apple, Cherry, Hickory Woodchunks and Pieces that are still in their original packaging for over four(4) years. Question, Still good-to-go??
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    WSM Out-Of-Round

    How do you go about knowing that your WSM 18.5" is Out-Of-Round?
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    Bottom Vent on a Weber Smoky Joe

    I bought a new Weber Smoky Joe(Silver) around six(6) months ago and each time I finish cooking on-it the bottom vent is stuck in the open vent mode and I cannot close-it to put-out the fire. Once it cools-off I always clean the grill and spray some WD-40 on the bottom vent, however, once I...
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    Where To Put the Maverick?

    I have ordered a Gateway Hanging Rack for my WSM 18.5" "Classic" in order to cook some Ribs via the "hanging" system. My WSM is the old model that I bought new in the year 2008 that does not have a temperature gauge on the lid. I will be placing the lit charcoal in the bottom charcoal ring and...