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  1. Anne M.

    rotisserie duck

    On the 18.5" weber She may be old, but she does the job (just like me) ;) Left the duck uncovered in the fridge to tighten up the skin And we are moving: And moving a bit more My companions fell asleep (except for the big boy, but he's not on the picture) The potatoes and onions are...
  2. Anne M.

    piri piri chicken

    Just one of my recent cooks on my old 47 cm Weber Wings and legs are in a marinade of paprika powder, smoked paprika powder, fish sauce, red wine vinegar, piri piri powder, garlic and my secret ingredient The secret ingredient ;) Getting the kettle ready, while my dinner partner watches if...
  3. Anne M.

    temperature control - how fussy are you?

    I've seen lots of posts and stuff online with exact temperatures for this and that and people worrying about 10 or 20 degrees out (in Fahrenheit, so that's only a couple degrees Celsius). What temperatures are you all aiming for? How often do you adjust vents, fiddle around with whatever? Me...
  4. Anne M.

    WSM smoke day 2018 - from Africa with love ;)

    It's the story of the chicken and the egg: That's all folks ;)
  5. Anne M.

    WSM leg of pork

    Well, not a whole leg, but a piece: Rubbed and marinated: Got some charcoal in stock: Charcoal in the 14.5" WSM and a stick of acacia wood: Pork on the grid (would be pretty useless to set up the WSM and not use the meat) Waiting time... We are done: We started on this by just...
  6. Anne M.

    beef and onion kebabs

    I marinated/rubbed some rump steak with a homemade Indonesian spice mix, lime juice and fish sauce. I also had some red onion lying around It all got skewered. Meanwhile: the cooking contraption got prepared and lit (It is actually a cooker used for potjies (sort of South African Dutch oven)...
  7. Anne M.

    rotisserie chicken and left overs

    Here we go: Served The left overs that I didn't just eat cold got turned into nasi goreng And what's better than nasi goreng with 1 fried egg? Yes: Nasi goreng with 2 fried eggs :cool:
  8. Anne M.

    Char siu belly pork on the WSM

    Just the other day I decided to make bacon. I cut the slabs of belly pork to size, so they would fit into the biggest ziplock bag I had and had some left overs. Decided to make 2 types: Char siu and Rujak (Indonesian style). For the Char siu, I used some bottled char siu sauce (as I had it, and...
  9. Anne M.

    New toys - chicken

    New toys & chicken Some time ago I ordered octoforks and a grill basket. They took a while to get to me as I got them sent to a friend of mine in the USA and he then delayed coming here. BUT, I got them. I also realised that I hadn't posted in a while, so here we are: A chick on the octoforks...
  10. Anne M.

    Just a good looking chick

    On the rotisserie, adobo style with drip pan onions
  11. Anne M.

    Onion bombs

    Did those a while back... Always wanted to make them after I read about them on a Steven Raichlen blog. Peeled onions and cut them in half lengthwise. Then divided in pieces (keeping the 2 pieces of the same layer together) and filled them with my spice ground meat mix Then they got wrapped...
  12. Anne M.

    Belly pork

    One of my recent cooks: Marinated some belly pork Put on the braai Made a dressing in the mean time: And went to eat: I was happy again ;)
  13. Anne M.

    first time wsm without water pan

    It's winter in my part of the world, so it was time to check out how the baby WSM behaves without a water pan. In our summer, I ahve problems keeping the temperature down, even with the water pan full of water. No problem this time! (day time temperature around 18 oC (65 oF) I used lump...
  14. Anne M.

    Rotisserie chicken thighs

    I've been playing around with the rotisserie quite a lot lately and just love the thing! I decided to try and do chicken thighs on it and it worked a dream (it doesn't hold many, but enough....) Sorry for the quality of the pictures. They were made with my cell phone. I should start using my...
  15. Anne M.

    Covering the water pan

    First off: I read a lot of the threads and know some people like using water in the pan, some cover it in aluminium foil and everyone seems pretty adamant that their way is best :rolleyes: Still.... I live in a hot climate and I use water in the pan to help keep the temperature down. I actually...
  16. Anne M.

    leg of pork on the WSM - not pulled pork

    I tried my hands on a small pork leg roast. The piece of meat was about 1.5 kg (and almost 6 U$). I trimmed the skin and didn't do much else to it, except for mairinating it overnight. The paste ingredients: Together with soy, sweet soy, black bean paste, shrimp paste and lime juice...
  17. Anne M.

    Camp Cooking

    and some pictures of animals to keep things interesting (not many as only 10 pics are allowed) A bit more than a month ago I had a friend over and we decided to go camping for a bit. We decided to go to a place near Kafue National Park in Zambia. Here are some of the pictures of the different...
  18. Anne M.

    Ribs on the weber rotisserie

    I hope this is in the correct section of the forum.... I recently bought a rotisserie attachment for my weber 47 cm (18"). That weber is a very old one that I managed to repair, but that's another story. Anyway, I have done a chicken on it once before and I thought I should broaden my horizon...
  19. Anne M.

    Is it a meatloaf? Is it a Fattie? - 2nd cook on WSM 14"

    It was time for a second cook on the WSM. This time I decided to go with some ground beef that I had in the fridge. Mixed it with onion, sweet soy, garlic, cilantro, home made sambal badjak (extra hot), an egg and some breadcrumbs and formed it into something resembling an oversized sausage...
  20. Anne M.

    First cook on my wsm

    Definitely one full of hurdles..... A couple of days ago, it was time for my first cook on the new 14" wsm. After a lot of thinkiing, I decided to go for beef ribs as: - I like them - They are cheap (so is chicken, but chicken is already part of my rotisserie experiment) - I have done them...