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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    I totally support the stay at home measures BTW. It's just strange not seeing any planes flying overhead.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    You know what's really noticeable right now? The empty skies. I live in an area that is a major flight path for planes traveling from Seattle/Portland to SF/LA, etc. How many planes have I seen flying overhead while sitting out here on our deck since the stay at home orders were put in place...
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    (326) Hopefully that bulletin put out by FEMA will lead to a reduction in all this hoarding that folks are doing. Have to think that the meat hoarding will go down now that people's freezers are getting full.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Oregon's Governor just issued a manitory stay at home order. So now the entire west coast is under stay at home orders.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    More humor... From my diary: Coronavirus Pandemic, day 16. If anyone is still out there, I’m alive but struggling. Food is running low. Down to only 459 days worth. My hands are super sanitized and my butt is super clean. Down to 1599 rounds of ammo (dropped 1 round down the heat vent while...
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    That was great, Jeff! Cracked me up.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    RE: the mental health thing. Definitely important to keep that under control right now. I've stopped watching the national news and will continue to do that for the foreseeable future. The non-stop gloom and doom/dramatizing, etc that they're doing is just too much.
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    For all you horders out there

    Yeah I noticed the same thing. Guess we'll just have to wait until the Memorial Day sales..
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    For all you horders out there

    Charcoal horders that is 😃 Lowes has the Royal Oak Classic 15.4 lb bags of Briquetts on sale for, get this, just $1.99 per bag.. Looks like you might have to do the ship-to-store option, but at that price it would definitely be worth the wait.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    This is why I've gone on a sabbatical in terms of watching the National News and will continue to do so for at least another month. The media is glamorizing this to the point of absurdity. And it's just too much. Once this whole thing calms down, they'll move on to the next BIG thing, but...
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    Vortex Question?

    I bought the Medium size off Amazon and am very happy with it.
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    Coronavirus - Covid 19

    Exactly. If we practice good hygiene we'll be fine. The talking heads with both the local and national news outlets are sensationalizing this to the point that they're doing more harm than good (especially to the stock market and our retirement accounts). I get that the media profession is...
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    Ridge Charcoal @ Lowes

    Hey everyone. I was in Lowes yesterday and noticed that they now have their own brand of charcoal called Ridge. The bag looks VERY similar to the royal oak that they carried up to a few months ago, and it's brick red in color. So I'm 99% positive this made by Royal Oak. Has anyone tried this...
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    Get off of my Lawn!

    I have the same problem here too. One of my next door neighbors has two dogs and they are not trained AT ALL. One barks at absolutely everything. Someone will be walking their well-behaved dog and they're a good 100 yards away, and that dammed dog will still bark her head off. Our animal...
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    Charcoal on sale!

    It definitely doesn't last as long as KBB. I use it just for the WSM and it works fine. It is nice not to have to deal with that acrid white smoke on startup. For high heat grilling I use KBB. The Lowes I go to has it on sale for $3.99. I have more than enough RO to last until the Memorial...
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    Weber Firespice Cedar Planks

    I don't re-use cedar planks. For one thing, you won't get anywhere near the amount of smoke as you would using a new plank. And another is that a previously used plank will be soaked with fish oil/fat and that can get rancid if you go a long time before re-using. I get my planks at Costco...
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    Vortex Size Question

    I know this has been discussed here before but what as far as the Vortex goes , what is the best size to get for a 22" performer? I will be buying one real soon and wanted to get advice as to best size from those of you who have these. Thanks!
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    Jenny O' Turkeys on sale at Wal-Mart

    Hey everyone. I was in Wal-Mart the other day and they had Jenny O' Turkeys on sale for 0.39/lb. These were just the Tom Turkeys, and the only one's they had left were 20+ lb birds. I bought one anyway and we cut as much meat as we could from the body after it thawed out and into the meat...
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    What's on your Christmas menu?

    Ham (not spiral sliced) in the WSM Mashed potatoes Stuffing Brussels sprouts in cast iron skillet on the Genesis.
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    Fact or Fiction: Do You Need a Dedicated Smoker for Fish?

    And you need one for cheese, and another one for nuts, salt, etc. :)