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    How Do YOU Clean Your WSM?

    I'll let you know if I ever do.
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    Costco brisket

    50% of the brisket is fat and water you end up with about half the wt after cooking A good price is $3/lb nowdays Thank the pellet poopers for driving up popularity I have to think twice about paying more than 3.5 a pound I see some places trying to sell a select brisket for 6 or $7 a pound...
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    Wondering about long-haul smokes. How do you maintain a fire/temp?

    Never have to add anything I can go 20+ hrs without issue, extend coal ring with expanded metal for $10. I've done 21 hours I figure about 24 is my Max. Heater meter and blower /damper takes care of the control
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    Are old frozen ribs safe?

    No problem Cook it...then decide if want to eat it. Ive had one item go bad in freezer, in my life. Besides freezer burn. A frozen ham had fat turn rancid. It had been saved for making red beans, but when thawed out it was disgusting smelling.
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    I want low temps on my WSM 22

    Impossible to say what your issue was without being there and having more information. but it's very possible that an ATC without a damper /valve will still draft enough air through a fan that's off 2 make the WSM burn hot. This is why people invented the dampers that we run on the heater meter...
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    First cook on 22 WSM, w/DigiQ

    So, your saying everything is the minion method that doesnt start with 3 full chimneys of well lit coals ? I spread my coals in a secret way....definitely not the minion way.
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    Better charcoal chamber?

    The nerve. Attacking your smoker. WTH? Is nothing sacred to her? Id vote you buy the extra large one , or make it yourself.
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    Fast charcoal usage?

    Well, it takes what it takes. I probably get 1 hr /lb - ish on 18". Id guess, the 22 gets 50% less or so.
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    First cook on 22 WSM, w/DigiQ

    Sounds good. My charcoal basket is 50% taller than stock. Cost $10 for expanded metal. I dont know how anyone does without it..... The next 2 are my opinion so take it for what it's worth. One is that you don't need a minion method with the ATC. The ATC will take care of the burn rate of the...
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    Test servo throw

    Nice smoker Needs some yellow gold trim.
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    My girlfriend volunteered me... OMG, what have I gotten into?

    Someone here cooked 8 pork butts at once in wsm you are just averse to trying hard. 4 on each grate, standing on edge. My wife volunteered me to cook 2 for a wedding reception in 2 weeks....out of town. There will be lots of other food, but she thought this would be nice to do and much...
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    If only.......

    Must have been a truckload of pigs.... This store always has some kind of bbq meat on sale on friday...babyback ribs usually for 2.29-2.49
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    First brisket coming up this weekend! Suggestions welcome.

    Did one last night. 13.25 lb. They were $3/lb at costco. Most were 10-12lbs, smaller than i usually find there. 9.5 hrs. My fastest yet.
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    FedEx Got a C and SRF got an A+

    So i can get a free wagyu brisket just by saying fedex delivered to neighbors house.....? Just kidding, Yeah, i rate fedex below ups today. 15 yrs ago....they were best. But DHL is still the worst. Horrible. I ordered something from Romania, had to ship DHL. it got to 49 miles from my house...
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    Heavy ash on pork shoulder - help please!

    Theres usually a very light trace of ash on grate just particles But you .....had something go really bad Im gonna vote water dump, boiled over, kicked up ash cloud Even when i poke ash to knock down....nothing like that
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    If only.......

    If only i hadnt cooked and sliced up a loin just 2 weeks ago...
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    Anyone make temp probes?

    Its not Unless you want it to read correctly with the device you have Mfg produce items designed to work you dont have to worry about it. On the heatermeter probe screen below....see the probe variables that are needed. Each resistance probe has a curve, that curve is fit to...
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    Anyone make temp probes?

    Most people who work in labs work with a lot of thermocouples. The junction at tip should be welded, but believe it or works just twisted together. Ive found many thermocouples in process plants....just twisted together wires stuck in a thermowell. Now, these are heavy wires, not...
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    First brisket coming up this weekend! Suggestions welcome.

    Thats not that call it medium. Less is more. Less pepper, less smoke. I suggest hotter than 250. 265-275 if you can. It cuts time off, less of a stall, better bark imo. No reason to use an oven. Imo. Just more trouble. Whenever you open cooker, or remove to wrap, the brisket...
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    Tips for getting grates super clean

    I believe oven cleaner in garbage bag is step 1. Dishwasher helps too. I put rib racks i....they come out clean.