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    Any guitar hacks here?

    Fender is offering up 3 free months of their online guitar learning course, Fender Play. Pretty awesome deal to help people get through the Corona outbreak.
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    School me on "bark"?

    What is a "good" bark? Thickness? Texture? Flavor? Is it the same consistency for pork vs beef? I bbq'ed a tri-tip & the bark came out quite different than I've ever had before, so now I'm confused...
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    Grilled Bacon wrapped shrimp w/peach glaze

    Stumbled onto this recipe & made these the other night. The recipe calls for tobasco, which we didn't have. We did have Pico Pica hot sauce that I substituted in place of tobasco. I added Pico Pica to the glaze to taste. Since it's just the two of us, I cut the glaze recipe in half and...
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    Osh going out of business

    Osh is done, kinda sad - I liked them alot. Anyway, keep a lookout for close-out sales. So far the store near me has everything in-store %10 off.
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    Stick burning in the kettle?

    Swmbo brought home some tri-tip & I want to try cooking with red oak. Any tips on how to do this? I do have charcoal baskets if needed... Thanks
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    Performer 5# tank refill

    Has anyone used a 20# propane tank to re-fill the 5# tank on their stainless steel performer? Man, I'm getting tired of paying the same flat-rate price to fill a 20# tank when I need my tank refilled! Now I'm wondering if this is an option? Sure would be alot easier & cheaper...
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    Red head in Walnut CA.

    Looks fairly clean too!
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    Kingsford pro sale

    Local Osh has Kingsford professional on sale - 2 bags $14. Ymmv
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    Free performer Newport Beach

    Somebody go get this bad boy! It's too far away for me:
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    New style metal table performer Sherman oaks CA.

    $150 - Killer deal! Listed in orange County Craigslist but says it's in Sherman oaks:
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    Socal: pick your color performer Both stainless steel, both not showing propane tank in pics, both $100... Both would look beautiful next to my green performer! 😎
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    Target clearance sales?

    Did I/we miss them? Went to target today & didn't see anything weber/outdoorgarden related...
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    Lid on or off for rotisserie chicken?

    What say ye?
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    Another question on rib racks

    When bbq'ing multiple racks of ribs on a rib rack, how do you keep the ends of the ribs from touching each other?
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    $50 Bud light Weber - Socal
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    Maverick probe cleaning?

    How do ya'all clean your Maverick probes?
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    Brisket cook time

    Hi all, I'm going to attempt my first brisket on the 4th. I picked up a small 2 3/4# choice flat that has some nice marbling. It's probably 1 1/2 inches thick at its thickest. I plan on 225 indirect, using the firebrick method & foil it after the stall. Let it go to 205 or tender, which ever...
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    Kind of interesting attachment...
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    Simpsons grill - Lancaster CA.
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    SS performer near Santa Barbara