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    There’s just something about brats taking a bath in beer and onions!!!! 😋
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    Making more bacon

    Looks fantastic! Reminds me I need to get some more curing myself!
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    Fresh Italian Sausage

    Absolutely agree with you. I’m a bit of a stickler about that myself. 2 most important tenets I’ve always heard: Keep it cold and keep it clean!
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    Fresh Italian Sausage

    Thanks for all the positive feedback. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it you should. It’s pretty easy and they’re that good. funny you should mention that because we said the same thing when we were test frying some patties to taste!! Hahaha
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    Irish Butter HdP Spares

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing. I need to give that Penzy's a try.
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    Fresh Italian Sausage

    Hey there! Going along with my jump into making my own bacon, I've been dabbling in making my own sausages. A week or so ago, I got together with a buddy of mine who was curious about making Italian sausages, so I said for sure I'd love to try it as I've only done brats to date. Spent a Saturday...
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    Winter Break Bacon

    After looking at those online calculators, it seems like both the salt and sugar are through the roof! The best part of all this is having to do test batches and change the variables of that stuff to see what I (read wife and family) like best.
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    Winter Break Bacon

    Case...that’s great information to know! Thank you for sharing.
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    Winter Break Bacon

    For sure. It had me a bit freaked out at first, but then I was reading that even at that high of an amount a 150lb person would need to consume about 20-25lbs of that bacon in one sitting for it to have an adverse affect. I wish I was 150lbs. And as much as I even think I could eat 20-25lbs of...
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    Winter Break Bacon

    Heck yeah! Thanks for the link Bob!
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    Winter Break Bacon

    5lbs pork belly 90g Kosher Salt 100g sugar 2 tsp pink curing salt (Instacure #1) Seriously that's it. The only issue was that it seemed like waaaayyyy too much cure. I think total weight of the cure was near or over 200g. And to be honest, I used may 125-150g of it. I sorta dredged the belly in...
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    Winter Break Bacon

    Haha Thanks Jim! I had posted mine and then saw yours, and thought to myself "I need to take a packaging class from him!" Yours looked way better!!!
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    Winter Break Bacon

    Hey there everyone! Haven't posted in a while, but definitely lurking! I'm a bit ashamed to say that I had never made bacon before. Over winter break I decided to give it a whirl. This first go was more of a test than anything. I bought about a 10lb belly from Costco, and divided it into 5lb...
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    A few mid week cooks.

    I'm curious...for the Gordon Ramsey burger, did you scream and swear at it to get it to look so good??? Haha j/k Looks fantastic!
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    Fifty Six Years Later a Chicago Dog

    It's funny the things you take for granted when you live in a certain area. For me, it's always the amazement I have when I visit my brother in Houston, the amount of low priced, excellent quality brisket that's just available at a grocery store. I definitely take it for granted that is just...
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    Grilled Sweet White Corn

    Looks great! Funny thing too...Cook Illustrated just had an Instagram post about white sweet corn for dessert, and your plated pic is darn near identical to theirs! Haha Great minds think alike! :) I could eat grilled corn all day long in the summer.
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    Been a While...Turkey Breast

    Thanks everyone! Seriously super easy and super good! Definitely give it a try.
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    Scalloped Potatoes with Cheddar cheese

    Oh man, that looks great!
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    Been a While...Turkey Breast

    Hey there, been a while since I posted a pic. Never fear, been lurking and enjoying everyone's posts. I decided to do some Texas style smoked turkey breasts and used the method on this forum. Thawed and deboned some Butterball breasts. Salt and pepper rub. Set up the kettle with a snake and had...
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    First Paella on the Grill (or anywhere!)

    That looks outstanding!! Thanks for sharing. On a whim, I saw a cheap $20 pan at Restaurant Depot and pick it up and did basically the same thing you did. The family LOVED it. Like you said, flavors are amazing and I’ve honed in the cook so that I’ve been getting great results with the socorrat...