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  1. Jason in CA

    Weber's lurking in the dark

    The careful observer will see 8 Weber's lurking about. The keen eye will see some parts piled up. :coolkettle: EDIT: I have removed the video clip from YouTube and put up different cut together one. If anyone want's to see it let me know and I'll put in a new link.
  2. Jason in CA

    A quick cook.

    Tonight's cook, chicken and tri-tip. As I mentioned before I'm okay at taking pictures before and during the cook. The chicken was small pieces and is already done. I pulled it off brought it inside and it's already being eaten. The tri-tip is still going. Maybe I'll get another picture...
  3. Jason in CA

    3D print your steak.

    No, no ,no. Just no. Here's an article on it Who is goin to take one for the team and report back to us??? By the way, did I mention, NO.
  4. Jason in CA

    Any race fans here.

    I've gotten to the point where I only watch a few races a year, and I don't sit through the whole thing. Daytona is of course one I watch. Or at least have the TV on and check in now and then. Now it's time to figure out what's going on the grill.
  5. Jason in CA

    New York King.

    Tonight I bought a couple steaks for dinner. And a third steak I haven't come across before. All three are New York. The difference in the third one is it's called a King. I can see why. I don't often splurge like this. Here's hopping they are goooood. I put some seasoning on a couple and...
  6. Jason in CA

    Roll Call

    Did we all make it? Check in here. (y)
  7. Jason in CA


    It may be hard to believe but I'm going to ask, Is there a good electric smoker? The heating element went out on my mom's electric smoker. She has a masterbuilt vertical electric smoker. I told her to order another heating element and I would put it in, but. when I started to get into it I...
  8. Jason in CA

    Thanksgiving weather

    I'm watching the news and they are talking about severe weather across the country affecting travel. Hopefully all of you get where you are going without any problems. So what is the Thanksgiving forecast for everyone. In Northern CA we are supposed to expect wind rain and possible...
  9. Jason in CA


    See here,
  10. Jason in CA

    The jawhourse

    Heads up. Harbor Freight has their version now. For the next day or two there is a super coupon. I just picked up mine. After watching the video I'm...
  11. Jason in CA

    How to not to...

    First things first. This is not me. On that note here is a how (sort of) to on restoring a Weber. It's cool that someone took the time to make this video but... There are several things that well...
  12. Jason in CA

    Another stray followed me home

    Well. I know I said I would not be picking up more until I get through some of the ones I already have. But this happened. Another stray I saw it listed for about a week but I had no interest in natural gas. I have no way to even test to see if it works...
  13. Jason in CA

    Bottom wire shelf for Genesis 1000

    I have two 1000 Genesis grills waiting for my attention. I went out today to survey the condition and realized both are in need of the bottom wire (or durawood) rack. Does anyone know a cost effective place to get replacements? Aside from starting a search for donor grills.
  14. Jason in CA

    Free Q in Oakland CA

    Not mine.
  15. Jason in CA

    Kettle Pizza

    Saw this browsing the adds. Not mine, just sharing. Check out this Weber kettle grill with Kettle Pizza for $90 on OfferUp
  16. Jason in CA

    BBQ Championship

    Last weekend there was KCBS BBQ event near me. I figured I'd share some of my thoughts with you. When they have done it in the past I've strolled through but never stopped and talked to people. This year I decided to spend some time talking to the teams that were competing and check out the...
  17. Jason in CA

    Red Kettle display

    I came across these while searching on the sale listings. A bit pricey but kind of neat. Figured I would share them here. Check out this Weber mini Grill display items not a real Grill for $40 on OfferUp
  18. Jason in CA

    Learning curve

    I just posted my first ad on offer up and wasn't thinking about the order I selected pictures. So the first thing everyone will now see is a grate. Also I didn't know what the picture limit was so I couldn't put in all the pictures I wanted to. Hopefully someone will be interested. Here is a...
  19. Jason in CA

    This happened tonight

    Teriyaki chicken pineapple Chicken and pork chops And kielbasa Parmesan cheese potatoes, cornbread I am full
  20. Jason in CA

    Store bought oh no

    Watching you and other chefs making rubs and marinades often includes a lot of ingredients that I don't have on hand. With busy schedules and life in general I often grab an off-the-shelf rub or marinade from the store. Do you have any suggestions for good off-the-shelf rubs and marinades? Or...