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  1. Arun L.

    Is this a kambocha squash or acorn squash?

    It was already cut in half at the grocery store. I asked a worker if it was kambocha, and he said yes. But I just want to make sure, as I have a hard time telling them apart right now.
  2. Arun L.

    Rosemary Vodka in a moscow mule?

    Someone gave me one packet of moscow mule mix to make a moscow mule. The vodka that I have is rosemary infused. I put rosemary in it because most of the time, I use vodka to make bloody mary's, and I like how that turns out. Should I use that same vodka for the moscow mule? I only have 1...
  3. Arun L.

    Christmas Tree Stands

    I've been getting 5-6 feet tall Christmas Trees since 2016. And I've been using this stand since 2017...
  4. Arun L.

    Christmas Ornaments.

    Where can I find Christmas Ornaments that kind of look like a Weber Smokey Mountain, and a Weber Skyline Gas Grill? I can find ornaments that look like a kettle grill, but that's not what I have. Thanks.
  5. Arun L.

    Smoked Chicken: February 18, 2019.

    I made a smoked chicken on the Weber Smokey Mountain. 3rd time doing it. This time, I went under the skin, as @JayHeyl described in post # 5+ in this thread from 2017: I liked it. This was the best one I've done, and was...
  6. Arun L.

    The Restored Weber Skyline Genesis.

    Here are pictures of the restored Weber Skyline Genesis, which I got from @Jason in CA.
  7. Arun L.

    Looking for a new gas grill.

    The Char-Broil gas grill died. I don't use a gas grill very much. Only for things that need to be cooked hot and for a less amount of time, like corn. Otherwise, I prefer using the lower rack on the WSM for things that will take 20+ mins. I've tried that a few times and I liked how things...
  8. Arun L.

    Did I just block my sunsetter solar shade with a gazebo?

    I had the Sunsetter solar shade installed in 2015. I had the gazebo, on the right of the pic, installed a few days ago. Did I completely block the solar panel? Or is there there less light, but still sufficient light, to allow it to power? Here's a few from...
  9. Arun L.

    Bloody Mary.

    This is the recipe I use: You can make it 1 hr in advance, but it's better if you can make it the night before. Use the ingredients in the recipe above, and add these. I...
  10. Arun L.

    Have there been any TVWBB meet ups?

    Have there been any local meetups among members, where someone has a BBQ party?
  11. Arun L.


    What favorite beer or new beer are you having now?
  12. Arun L.

    Natural Gas vs. Propane.

    I was reading this thread, and noticed @"Rich Dahl" made a point of mentioning natural gas. I then looked up and read that gas grills can be natural gas or propane. What are people's thoughts on one vs. the other...
  13. Arun L.

    Does using water in the pan usually mean less smoke taste?

    I've been reading in recent threads that people aren't using water, or maybe only during summer. So far, when doing previous long cooks, I've foil lined the outside of the water pan, and also filled the pan with water.
  14. Arun L.

    Putting the charcoal grate on the middle rack.

    I've read on this site that it's possible to put the charcoal and charcoal grate on the middle rack. What do you think about this configuration for high heat cooks? Like maybe pizza, or things that would be cooked at 425 - 450 degrees.
  15. Arun L.

    Jamaican Jerk Chicken on the WSM: April 28, 2018.

    I had only made this in the oven before. I wanted to try it on the WSM. I used the middle rack. I set the Flame Boss temperature to 400 degrees, and it cooked for 37 minutes to reach 165 degrees. Which is probably about the same time it would have taken in the oven. It came out great, just...
  16. Arun L.

    Barbecue Parmesan Potato Wedges recipe. Can I use shaved Parmesan (I can manually break it into a few smaller pieces if it helps). What's the best way to achieve that wedge cut for the potatoes?
  17. Arun L.

    Smoked trout?

    I saw frozen trout the last time I was at Costco. Can it be smoked on the WSM? Will it turn out good? It's probably been more than 8 years since the last time I cooked fish. Is there a recipe and/or video I can follow?
  18. Arun L.

    Ideas for cranberries?

    I bought 2 lbs. of cranberries from Costco. Other than making cranberry sauce, what are some other simple things I can do with them? I saw a recipe on the back of the bag for macaroons. What else is there? Maybe a bread? (As I think a bread would be a little healthier than cookies?) I...
  19. Arun L.

    Carrying case or cover for Kettle Pizza.

    Is there a good carrying case or cover for the Kettle Pizza? This official one needs the have the Kettle Pizza disassembled for it to fit. The diameter is of the case is only about 16". I didn't understand what they meant by...
  20. Arun L.

    Smoked Chicken: August 12, 2017.

    Smoking it now. Flame Boss sent me new pit and meat probes after they weren't working last week. I plugged them in during a dry run last night. They worked. I plugged them in today for the actual cook. The pit probe works. The meat probe said 34 degrees for a second, then stopped working...