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    For all you horders out there

    Charcoal horders that is 😃 Lowes has the Royal Oak Classic 15.4 lb bags of Briquetts on sale for, get this, just $1.99 per bag.. Looks like you might have to do the ship-to-store option, but at that price it would definitely be worth the wait.
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    Ridge Charcoal @ Lowes

    Hey everyone. I was in Lowes yesterday and noticed that they now have their own brand of charcoal called Ridge. The bag looks VERY similar to the royal oak that they carried up to a few months ago, and it's brick red in color. So I'm 99% positive this made by Royal Oak. Has anyone tried this...
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    Vortex Size Question

    I know this has been discussed here before but what as far as the Vortex goes , what is the best size to get for a 22" performer? I will be buying one real soon and wanted to get advice as to best size from those of you who have these. Thanks!
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    Jenny O' Turkeys on sale at Wal-Mart

    Hey everyone. I was in Wal-Mart the other day and they had Jenny O' Turkeys on sale for 0.39/lb. These were just the Tom Turkeys, and the only one's they had left were 20+ lb birds. I bought one anyway and we cut as much meat as we could from the body after it thawed out and into the meat...
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    Fresh and Frozen Turkeys on Sale at Raley's

    For those of you who live in Northern CA, Raley's has fresh and frozen turkeys on sale. The price for fresh turkeys is 97 cents/lb For frozen turkeys the price is just 47 cents/lb Not bad :)
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    Tri Tip and Chuck Roast on sale at Winco

    For those who live on west coast/PNW, Winco has tri tips and chuck roasts on sale for $2.98/lb. I bought two of each on Fri.
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    Royal Oak Charcoal

    I bought 3 twin packs at Wally World during the Memorial Day Sale and have been using this exclusively since then. I really like this for smoking in the WSM. Works great for low and slow. I put it through the tests for high heat grilling and so far it is working fine. Haven't noticed any...
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    And yet another chatcoal sale....

    HD has their 20lb twin packs of Embers Charcoal on sale for $9.98, so the price per lb is the same as the Royal Oak 18lb twin deal at Walmart (.249/lb). Has anyone here tried this brand? I read somewhere that Embers Charcoal is made by Royal Oak.
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    Any difference between the old Royal Oak briquettes in the red bag and the new stuff?

    Hello all, Have any of you noticed any difference in the new Royal Oak briquettes (the stuff now sold in the red and yellow bag) vs. the old stuff that was in the all red bag? I bought a couple bags of the new stuff when it was on sale at Lowe's during the last Labor Day Sale, but haven't used...
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    Fresh Turkeys now at Costco

    Hey everyone. We were in Costco today so wanted to give you all a heads up on their fresh turkey selection. Of course they had the usual selection of large birds (20+ lbs), but they also had a big selection of smaller birds (10.5 to 15 lbs). Price is 0.99 cents\lb. We picked up a 14lb bird...
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    Kingsford 2X18.6 kb $12.88 @ Lowes

    If you don't have enough charcoal to last you another 5 days until the Labor Day Sales begin, Lowes is having one of their pre-Labor Day sales on KBB now. Not the greatest price, but if you absolutely need a twin pack............
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    New Royal Oak Charcoal

    I was in Lowes today and noticed that they now have the new Royal Oak Charcoal in stock (the Red and Yellow Bag). Has anyone here tried this new stuff and is there any difference between it and the previous version that was in the all Red Bag? I suspect that the new stuff isn't any different...
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    In case you missed the last two Royal Oak charcoal sales at Lowes

    It's on sale AGAIN. Same price, $4.00/15.4 lb bag. Sale runs 6/30-7/4. No limit.
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    Royal Oak Charcoal on sale again at Lowe's

    Royal Oak 15.4 LB bags on sale at Lowe's for $4 ea. Sale runs through 6/20.
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    Kingsford 2X18.6# on sale for $9.88 @ Lowes

    If you need to stock up even more, the Kingsford Twin Packs are on sale for $9.88 @ Lowes through 6/10.
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    I just don't get Home Depot.....

    I was in H D yesterday and you would think that they would have the displays on KBB in several spots since it's the Memorial Day Sale. But no, the ONLY place they had it was in it's usual location in the grilling section, AND that spot was half empty. If you didn't know better you would think...
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    20lb Propane Tanks Now at Costco

    If you need a new propane tank (! do since one of mine expired last month) check out Costco. I was there yesterday and they have 20lb propane tanks in stock since grilling season is just around the corner. The cost is $25.99 and they are pre-purged. That's about $4 less than Lowes and HD and...
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    Royal Oak Charcoal Sale @ Lowes until 4/18

    15.4 lb bags for $4.99. Comes out to 0.32 cents /lb. I like this stuff for smoking so will probably pick up a couple bags tomorrow. It'll likely go on sale again during Memorial Day Weekend too.
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    The best deal ever on Prime Rib at Costco!

    Get 'em before they're gone! :D
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    How are you cooking your T-Giving Turkey?

    I'll get this going. I'm cooking mine with the roti on the Performer. A 14 lb foster farms fresh turkey from Costco brined with the Apple Brine recipe. It's on the roti right now and is approaching the 2 hr mark so time to check the temp in the breast :)