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  1. Jim Strickland

    What mods are worth the $$$

    The 1st mod l did was 2 in wheels (now have 4 in) so l can from my shed to the patio with ease. Then did the grate mod for the charcoal and made the fire ring 3 in taller. Added gaskets and CB door with compression latch. Next on my list will be the lid hinge. I feel every mod l've done so...
  2. Jim Strickland

    Fast charcoal usage?

    Tracy l'm late with this reply but when l use any liquid (water, apple juice, etc.) in the water pan l 1st boil the liquid and carefully dump it in. This way l'm not waiting as long to get my 22'' up to temperature. As far as temperature is concerned, l usually can get a 225 deg to 235 deg...
  3. Jim Strickland

    1st attempt cheese

    Had my first try two weekends ago. Did mine at 38 degrees out and never got above 82 degrees internally (no deflector and no ice.) 34 should be great.
  4. Jim Strickland

    First Cheese!

    Well Ken l gave the cheese smoking a go Saturday. Smoked for 2.5 hrs and didn't get above 82 F at the grate. I didn't use ice because it was 38 F outside. I wrapped in Saran Wrap tight then put in freezer bags and stored in the refrigerator. Smelled and looked good but l resisted the...
  5. Jim Strickland

    Roll Call

    I'm in. Thanks for all the hard work Chris.
  6. Jim Strickland

    Annoyed, unsure what’s happening

    I agree with Lew. The 50/50 method hasn't let me down.
  7. Jim Strickland

    Can gasket make WSM22 TOO air sealed?

    Thanks J, l believe l'm going to give this a go.
  8. Jim Strickland

    Can gasket make WSM22 TOO air sealed?

    Thanks for cleaning that up J. I was hoping Paul would get an answer. Just one question now that l'm curious. How did you attach the dog bowl to the WSM?
  9. Jim Strickland

    Can gasket make WSM22 TOO air sealed?

    I don't have a blower but l believe the dog bowl method involves cutting a hole in the bottom of a dog bowl that will accommodate the pit viper or other blower. The bowl itself must be able to cover one of the vents completely to allow air to pass through all three holes of that vent. How to...
  10. Jim Strickland

    Pork Butt question

    Sean, l only wrap when l'm under a time crunch. Usually its at the 3.5 to 4 hr mark to speed it along. If you've planned correctly and your satisfied with your results in the past, l wouldn't change a thing.
  11. Jim Strickland

    Adding third grate??

    I'm right there with you Steve!
  12. Jim Strickland

    Any advantage to using a stock or modified kettle bottom?

    I know l'm late in this conversation but l agree w/Martin, fix your leaks. Also like both Tim's said, lts your smoker do with it as you please. That is the most important thing in learning.
  13. Jim Strickland

    Pork Butt question

    At my store they usually have two butts vacuumed packed. They avg 8 lbs a butt. I like to have left overs to freeze or take a whole butt to work for the guys so none really goes to waste in my house. As far as cooks go l've done slow and low and high heat and wrap.
  14. Jim Strickland

    First Cheese!

    Excellent job and nice post. I live in Michigan so I frequent the Erie Apple Orchard every fall with my family. It'll be a chore to not sample the fruits of your labor. Enjoy!
  15. Jim Strickland

    Can gasket make WSM22 TOO air sealed?

    I did the gasket mods and put a new Cajun Bandit door on it and by my best estimate I my temperature was "normal" to what I like to run my high temperature cook (360 F.) I put my water pan in without water and it was tightly wrapped in foil. I had a thought and my question is when wrapping...
  16. Jim Strickland

    Leaky leaky

    What was your target temperature and vent settings? Most importantly were you happy with the end product?
  17. Jim Strickland

    Smoking on a Kettle and temp help.

    I also use the snake method like Tim and Rich. I have found it to be a reliable means of temperature control in the kettle.
  18. Jim Strickland

    Time to clean...

    Once a year l get the pressure washer out when l'm cleaning the house so l take time to pressure wash the WSM, kettle and Genesis. It works for me. I am doing the mods on the WSM to seal it up so l may have to be a little more careful.
  19. Jim Strickland

    Can gasket make WSM22 TOO air sealed?

    I haven't thought about it that way but it is plausible. I'm about to do the necessary mods to seal mine up thanks to Mrs Clause. I will let you know if l detect a noticeable difference in operating temperatures.
  20. Jim Strickland

    First Turkey - Spatchcock

    Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. No regrets and keep having fun.