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    gas go anywhere griddle question

    Not desperate enough yet, but one could find a cheap griddle and cut it to fit a gga.
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    Weber Family Q (Q3200) middle burner clogging - blowtorch fix

    Just a suggestion. Foil the middle burner and just use the outside burners.
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    Smoking on a Kettle and temp help.

    Never tried the snake method because it messes with my style of cooking. I do the offset minion method. No water. I also foil the coal grate that is not used. This basically forces the fresh air coming from the bottom to go through the coals rather than going straight up through the kettle and...
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    A sensitive subject

    Well, the throat spray numbs things. But yea, gloves are mandatory when dealing with hoy stuff, even eating. One wipe on the eyes not thinking can be a serious thing. So try to make gloves a mandatory practice.
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    gas go anywhere griddle question

    I found a small griddle that would work on my q220. Enough clearance to not worry about. Have not seen one to fit on the gga though. Thats mighty small. Maybe just use a small cast iron pan ?
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    The McRib returns Oct. 7

    Always had them here. But not this year so far. Location thing shows them in a few remote areas.
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    weber q 1200 vs go-anywhere gas for travel grill

    No. All gone after the photobucket fiasco. I posted here. I have the pic but no ability at this time to post. Not even by email. Was many years ago.
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    Go Anywhere brisket size

    Just find one cut up that will fit in half the ga.
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    Lid finish on the newer Q1200 and Q2200 models

    Im not hell bent on them not being powder coated. Im just going on my experiance. And i have never read anything from weber calling them powder coated. Just because i havnt heard it doesnt make it untrue but i just question until im convinced. Fustrating ? Sure, but i gotta see the evidence. Its...
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    Lid finish on the newer Q1200 and Q2200 models

    Mine was bought new in 2005 ? And even back then folks were talking about the finish. Weber replaced the lid. I tried a corner with my thumbnail, yup, soft. Only now do i start reading about powder coating. Has anyone heard from weber what it is they use ? I havnt.
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    Lid finish on the newer Q1200 and Q2200 models

    Well, why are the coating on the lids so easily taken off ? Why was my lid soft when heated up. Developed bubbles and other issues. This is not powder coating.
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    Basket attachment for rotisserie

    For ? The best were the ez que baskets.
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    weber q 1200 vs go-anywhere gas for travel grill

    In a post long ago i showed my fix. Just wrapped a piece of aluminum from a can. Then cut slots and made fingers to hold it on the tube. But another issue is that to much wind comes up the holes on the bottom of the housing. I noticed that in germany they put a shield betwweent the holes and the...
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    Lid finish on the newer Q1200 and Q2200 models

    I never heard of the tops being powder coated . What are you guys smokin ? If it comes off easily, its not powder coated. Is this info from weber ?
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    Wash your Avocados.

    Just stop eating that foul thing.
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    Electric weber q

    If i need an electric grill i just use on of my farberware grills. Works fine. But i still would like to find 3 qs. A q1200, a charcoal q and an electric q. But im cheap so probably never will get them. My new toy is a 22 blackstone griddle. Way to much fun.
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    Yo Russ

    Been a donkeys fan since the early 60s. Man, they can drive me nuts. All excuses, no football. Ahh, well, maybe next year!
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    i hate meeces to pieces

    You need to use those bucket traps. Poison can poison other animals and birds.
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    Electric weber q

    Was at a store and they had 2 electric weber qs. The price was over 300.00 ! Do they really think they will sell them at that price ?
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    Lid finish on the newer Q1200 and Q2200 models

    Arent webers more expensive in australia ? But i seriously doubt they do something special to webers for australia. Anyone in australia feel a red q top ?