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  1. Dave - Unixadm

    Smokefire Issues and Updates

    Weber has started to release updates to the Smokefire line of pellet cookers. I thought having a thread to document known issues and updates would be helpful to the community. This is not a thread to debate the problems. Let's stay focused on the actual problems and actual fixes from Weber...
  2. Dave - Unixadm

    Dave's Camp Chef Woodwind 36 WIFI Experiences

    Dave is back with another smoker thread and I hope this one is a bit less eventful than my EX6 thread. I ordered the Woodwind 36 WIFI today which was released during the past few months, along with the OEM cover, front shelf and the side kick accessory. Total cost with The side kick replaces...
  3. Dave - Unixadm

    Dave's Smokefire EX6 Experiences

    Hello, I'm an avid BBQ guy, owning a whole lot of cooking equipment. From the little Weber Q1200 to a Southern Pride SP1000 trailer mounted rotisserie smoker. I've got lot of stuff in-between, but I enjoy outdoor cooking. I ordered the Smokefire EX6 from Lowes on December 1st. It arrived to...
  4. Dave - Unixadm

    The first Smokefire assembly fail?

    Today was the big day, the Smokefire EX6 I preordered from Lowes was set to be delivered. Showed up in good condition, so I got it onto the back patio and started opening up the box. I had already reviewed the assembly instructions a few days ago online, so I proceed to tip the smoker onto its...