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    Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal

    Follow-up; today I grilled a super piece of Pork using Matchlight Charcoal and it turned-out great! I followed the instructions listed on the Matchlight Bag: Wait until the charcoal greys-over which took around 20 minutes and if more charcoal is needed later-on ONLY add the regular Kingsford...
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    Since they allow charcoal grills i highly recommend the Weber 22" Performer Deluxe which has the propane ignitor to light-up the charcoal with ease and a spacious metal table top. The price of this kettle is under $500.
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    Lodge Cast-Iron Pizza Pan

    Rich; thanx for your reply and where do you buy your "food grade flax seed oil"? Rick
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    Lodge Cast-Iron Pizza Pan

    Thanx to all that replied and plan on using it on a weekly basis in order to justify the cost to the wife: Amazon: $40 and another $68 for Costa Rican Import taxes and shipping cost;)
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    Lodge Cast-Iron Pizza Pan

    In reading the instructions on cleaning the 14" Lodge Pizza Pan it states after it is dry to add a few drops of cooking oil. Question, what is the best way to store-it after adding the oil? My thinking is that I will store it in a plastic bag or in aluminum foil???
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    First Cook on New Performer

    Looks like a very tasty cook! I purchased my new Weber Performer Deluxe a couple a months ago here in Costa Rica and I am one Happy Weber Customer with this purchase. Enjoy!
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    Twice Baked Potato & Rib Eye Steak

    Is that a cast-iron "Lodge" grill where your twice-cooked potatoes are cooking?
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    Vortex Question?

    Very Satisfied with the purchase of the small and medium size Vortex's off
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    Smoked bologna chub!

    At my meeting today with my Nutritionist I will ask her if I can eat this???:(
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    Two at a Time

    Fellow Forum Members; thanx for your excellent advice!
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    Cajun Bandit Rotisserie(CBR)

    Frank Ant: Thanx for this information and I am almost ready to pull-the-trigger. My only hesitation is where will I store the "ring" and "rods" when not-in-use as I now have very limited space?? I have both a Weber Performer Deluxe and Mastertouch Grill, so, my thinking is that I will leave it...
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    Weber Simple Pizza Sauce

    Yesterday I attended a three(3) hour "Weber Grill Academy" Pizza Course given here in San Jose, Costa Rica in which I really enjoyed and learned a few things in preparing a variety of pizzas for both the charcoal and gas grills. The following is a pretty good simple recipe for a Weber tomato...
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    Performers metal table rusty

    Down here in the San Jose, Costa Rica Area I keep my Weber Performer Deluxe(bought new around 3 weeks ago),WSM 18" "Classic",Weber Smoky Joe(WSJ) and Weber 22" Mastertouch Grill(WMT) stored in a Covered Patio Area without any covers. The major problem down here is with the humidity producing...
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    Two at a Time

    Brad; thanx for your excellent advice and I have both the Large and Small Weber Chimneys.
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    Two at a Time

    What is your Plan-of-Action when lighting and operating two(2) Weber 22" Charcoal Kettles at the same time? I need to Grill some thick Pork Chops/Steaks for around fifteen(20) persons next week and I have never lighted-up two(2) Kettles at the same time. What is the most efficient way to...
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    Lighter cubes

    Great Product but now that I have my new Weber Performer Deluxe Grill I will be using far fewer.
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    Roll Call

    I'm Connected and Thanx for the excellent Work!
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    Flies and Ants

    How do you protect your food from the fly and ant population while preparing your BBQ outside? Also, how do you exactly prepare your BBQ Cook inside your kitchen, i.e., using sheet pans, Aluminum foil, kitchen plates, etc.?
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    Not Available in US

    Might-be that the Europeans and Asians buy more Weber Products New instead of Used??
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    Stainless Steel Cooking grates for the Q grills

    Tom Bauer: I have the Custom Grill Grate for my Weber Smoky Joe and three(3) other Grill Grate Plates for my Weber Mastertouch. Totally Agree that they are one great product which I purchased around two(2) years ago.