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  1. BrentM

    WTB: Stoker (white box) or Stoker II (red letters)

    I am looking to purchase a Stoker II (red letter). If you are no longer using one or if see one for sale, please let me know. I am also shopping for a Stoker I white box (no wireless) on the used market. Hit me up you ex-Stokers!
  2. BrentM

    Need a link to Stoker firmware

    If anyone has the latest version of the Stoker software/firmware (11-2-0-1) in their downloads folder, I'd greatly appreciate a copy. It appears that John has removed the web pages that hosted this content. If I knew the file name, I could get it blindly, but I can't even find someone posting...
  3. BrentM

    Stoker owners - Probe LEDs - Do you use them?

    Hi everyone, Some of you might have seen that I'm attempting to put together some resources to keep Stoker owners supplied with blowers and probes. It looks like we've accomplished a basic level of that already by using a 3rd party thermocouple board and k-type thermocouples. My question to...
  4. BrentM

    FS: Flame Boss grill blower fan

    Hi everyone. I have a Flame Boss fan for sale. I purchased it to cannibalize the frame and the adapters for a Stoker II, however, I've gone another route in my efforts in my Stoker research. $40 shipped priority to you, US only. Also, if you have a Stoker, or Stoker II that you are...