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  1. Kyle in Woodstock

    New SmokeFire for $550 in Vegas

    Check out this Weber pellet grill for $550 on OfferUp That's an attractive price point. The guy must have won it or was gifted it to be selling at this price
  2. Kyle in Woodstock

    Limited Edition Red Kettle

    Are the Limited Edition Red Kettle grills still for sale? I noticed Amazon is sold out and doesnt appear has them either.
  3. Kyle in Woodstock

    Weber Pizza Stone 8836

    Anyone have any thoughts on the Weber Pizza Stone for the GBS grate? Found a "used once" one on FB for $15. Seems like a decent price. Seems like if it fits in the middle section of GBS that it would be a pretty small pizza.
  4. Kyle in Woodstock

    Adirondack Chairs, kiln-dried fir wood, stain and seal recommendation

    I bought a couple Adirondack chairs that are natural unfinished kiln-dried fir wood. I'd like to stain and seal them or simply just seal them. I don't want to spend a ton of money, but would like to apply something to help keep these from wearing down quickly. They will be primarily be used on...
  5. Kyle in Woodstock

    One Touch Platinum circa 2002

    Wanted to share a recent pickup of mine even though I don't plan on keeping it. I thought someone with a similar style grill might be interested in the wood table that the former owner made for this one. He did a good job on it. The guy was retired and he actually worked for my current employer...
  6. Kyle in Woodstock

    Birthday Tacos!

    Stopped by the Mexican grocery store yesterday. They had a full selection of the normal meat offerings. Got some carne asada and some carne al pastor to grill today for my birthday. Was supposed to have a bunch of friends over, but those plans changed with this stupid virus stuff going on...
  7. Kyle in Woodstock

    Q Ignitors

    Currently have 3 Q200s and I thought only one had a working ignitor. I cleaned up the other two "broken" ignitors and noticed that they are still producing a spark. When the old school red button style ignitors start to go bad, do they just produce a weaker spark? Or do you think the little...
  8. Kyle in Woodstock

    Love the searing add on for the Weber GBS

    I recently bought a new (used) Performer and it came with the GBS grate and the thick cast iron searing plate. Puts some nice grill marks on burgers!
  9. Kyle in Woodstock

    Wood Handle Upgrade

    Jon shared this link with me and I ended up grabbing one for my Performer. If I end up keeping my older SS Performer I’ll have to get one for it too. Looks so cool
  10. Kyle in Woodstock

    Got a Crimson colored Performer!

    Lately lots of grills have been popping up for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Yesterday morning I was all set to purchase a brand new black colored Performer Premium for $150. The Premium is the non-gas assist version. I checked FB one last time just in case other options were available. And what...
  11. Kyle in Woodstock

    Handle for the Rapidfire Chimney is same as a kettle lid handle

    I'm cleaning up an old Performer and rather than ordering a new lid handle I just swapped out the one that was on my Rapidfire. Perfect fit 👌 Just thought I'd let you guys know. Other than the wood ones, there doesn't seem to be many cheap options for a lid handle out there for sale.
  12. Kyle in Woodstock

    Tips for getting grates super clean

    You guys have any tips for getting grill grates clean? Getting a grill ready to sell and want to shine it up as best I can. Cup brush on angle grinder doesn’t work too well!
  13. Kyle in Woodstock

    Brand New Performer, non-gas assist for $150 in Atlanta area

    Hi fellow Weber brothers and sisters, I found someone selling a brand new in box black Weber Performer for $150. It's the non-gas version. I planned on purchasing it to use for myself, but am holding out for one that isn't black. Shoot me a PM and I'll send you the person's contact that is...
  14. Kyle in Woodstock

    Picked up a Smokey Joe today

    Added this little guy to the family today. Snagged it for $15. Brand new and has an AT serial number, so circa 2013. No wood handles, but price is right and was a short drive. Think I'll make a mini fire pit out of this little one.
  15. Kyle in Woodstock

    Using an old Kettle as a fire pit?

    Has anyone used an old kettle as a fire pit? Curious to see if burning lots of wood in the kettle would be harsher on the bowl than charcoal. Thinking it would be cool to buy an old kettle for $20ish and repurpose as a fire pit. Maybe cutdown the legs some and then surround it with some...
  16. Kyle in Woodstock

    Installing a thermometer on a Q200

    I recently found some great bargains on a couple Q200s and now I've got 3 of them. These grills are amazing when cooking for a couple people, the only thing they are missing is a thermometer. I've never had a Q with a thermometer so I've always just guessed when it was hot enough for food. I'm...
  17. Kyle in Woodstock

    Another Grill Cover Thread

    Here in Georgia we don't get a lot of snow/ice, but we do have high humidity and some really hot days. My back deck doesn't get much shade, so the sun can really get a metal surface very hot. Over time that can do some damage to car paint or more importantly to my grills. So I keep mine...
  18. Kyle in Woodstock

    Dimensions of assembled E-310 Sidewinder

    Do you any of you know the height and width of an assembled Genesis E-310 sidewinder, circa 2008-2009? Mine is completely disassembled, I have an idea of the size, but I'm trying to figure out if a fully assembled one would fit into my father's wheelchair accessible van. I have the chance to...
  19. Kyle in Woodstock

    Anyone know when/if Crate and Barrel discounts their Weber Grills

    I've always thought the colors offered on the Crate and Barrel line of Weber Performers were amazing. I'm not sure how often they change up the colors, but this year it is Slate Blue, which looks great. I...
  20. Kyle in Woodstock

    Twenty Dolla Holler - New Q200 Pickup

    Found this one on Facebook MP for $20. Came with a cart and 4 full mini bottles of LP. When I went to look at it, it was in a nice neighborhood. Older guy said he was a GA Tech grad and used it sometimes for tailgating and kept in his garage when not in use. The cart looks mint, great condition...