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    Re Heating Pulled Pork

    Just finished a 24 hour smoke (Renoun Mr Brown)of 6- 8lb Butts yesterday. Pulled after 1 hour resting and refrigerated. Serving a party at 5:30tonight.....Give me your best thoughts on how to re-heat and keep moist. I am thinking using a warmer at 200 degrees in foiled covered 12 x 12 x 4 inch...
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    My first brisket - how I made it and photos too!

    That's awesome. I have done several and have been lucky. I have learned that every single brisket is different. The density of the meat will vary, as well as the thickness, so there are several factors that impact the time of readiness. I moved up to the 22" smoker, and have cooked all my...
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    Any one tried the new I-Pad/Phone Temp?

    Yeah, very little info. If I take a chance and purchase it, I will post results and feedback.
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    Strange butt cook

    Probably not trimmed properly. I have had butts to stall at the higher level. Sometimes if they stay at that heat for 1/2 hour, I wrap em. I am now using the "Competition" Kingsford and last week ran my WSM 17 hours, most of the time with all vents closed and never added one briquette.
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    Any one tried the new I-Pad/Phone Temp?

    I need to replace my thermometer probes/units and I was wondering if anyone has tried the $99 I-Pad remote thermometer? Sounds great, but not many reviews.
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    So what are you cooking on the 4th?

    4 - 7lb butts, adding Keri's Hog Apple Baked beans for the side.
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    How much charcoal?

    I have the 18.5, but I usually smoke a couple butts on top grate, brisket on bottom. I use the Minion method w/o fail, and I fill the charcoal ring full of Kingsford with several hickory chunks. I start about 7pm (about 20 briquettes lit in chimney)and I can run at 225 and 235 until around 6am...
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    It's hot...

    Here in the Virginia Shenandoah valley, smoking two butts and a brisket, No breeze, a nice warm 72 degrees evening I now appreciate it even more!
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    BBQ Addiction on Food Network

    Bobby Flay could learn some things about real BBQ if he would check out this site!
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    Okay I'm cheating on my WSM & using Brinkmann too hot

    Thanks for the help. Smoking two 8lb butts. I guess they will be done sooner than later, usually like to keep low heat at 225 but have been able to maintain around 260. I was afraid it was going to stay over 300, but I think I will be okay. Will insert inner probes about 10pm tonight. Probably...
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    Okay I'm cheating on my WSM & using Brinkmann too hot

    Out of town with family, they opened a brand new Brinkmann, only using it because my WSM is at home. No way to control heat, began with minion method but fire is already 300 at one hour, no way I can find to control heat. Water pan is full, any help? Other than I know I should be using a WSM!!!
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    Brisket question

    Thanks all. Larry, they were both 8 lbs. First time I have ever had that problem,,,,,after an hour I got the temps back down below 250. They came off 3 hours later and were done! In fact, they were pretty good, no complaints from the family and friends. I think they had very little fat, and just...
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    Brisket question

    Okay, I have smoked several, and like to Q slow-n-long. Usually do not foil until about 190 and let rest. Tonight, I lost control of my temps. They hit 280 and I was trying to keep at 250 or below. I have added COLD H2O to the pan, even took apart the WSM, removed a dozen or so hot coals. Can...
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    Gentlemen, start your smokers...!

    Nascar has a big couple weeks at Charlotte, with the 600 Sunday, and the Nationwide today. I will be tending to 2 butts and a brisket with one eye on the race, the other on the fire! Q'ing and Memorial Day go together!
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    Smoking with hickory

    Nathaniel, Hickory is King! Being from NC I was easting BBQ before I had teeth!!!! The hickory is what evey major, serious BBQ chef will use. In fact, most true Q'rs use pure Hickory, with only a little charcoal just to get the fire started. Now, fruit woods are good for ribs, foul. I like Pecan...
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    Issues with Brisket (Still)

    Foiling is good for holding in heat, and some will argue that it may help juiciness. I have done both, and the best that I have learned from this site is that the only real true way to know about a brisket is the fork/probe test. When it goes in easy, and feels like butter, it is ready. I...
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    2 butts, one brisket - - - "LIFE IS GOOD!" Hey Phil, I lived around CLT for 49 years, moved to Virginia few years ago,,,,can't find BBQ like you can get at Old Hickory House in North Tryon out towards UNC-Charlotte. (That is of course when you dine out.) It doesn't get any better than...
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    Memorial Day Weekend Smoke

    Got on the site late. Started two-8lb butts top grate, brisket fat-side down bottom grate at 20:00. It is now 07:00, turned and sopped the butts, brisket at 159, butts at 160. Having a little trouble with temp probs (NuTemp) I think between midnight and 05:00 my fire dropped to 200!! I added a...
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    question re: cooking brisket

    All mine have been the flats at around 10 to 12 lbs. Usually takes about 8 to 10 hours at 250 or so. ALl have been good. The time also depends on the meat. No two are alike, and that does have an impact on the time of the cook.
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    Butts in pans?

    Thanks for the advice. I am remaining GRATES ONLY! Don't mess with what has always been good! Thanks.