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    22.5 roti Question

    Don't believe the weather forecaster. As in "it never rains on the golf course" it doesn't rain when I grill! Enjoy the "bird" and the suds as well.
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    Lookin' for Miits

    I found a mitt that is a quilted fabric and its length goes to the shoulder. You might see them in use by servers in Mexican restaurants when they stack the plates up the arm to serve. Used them yesterday and they are great!
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    Thinking of huge charcoal grill

    I would go for the Rancher because of accessibility (360 degrees, whereas the S-O-B seems to have a depth restriction.
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    Her Favourite Chicken.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Don Cash: Haha! Awesome. As I was reading through your post I kept thinking to myself, "This sounds an awful lot like Roadside Chicken". I was even...
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    Sterno for lighting chimney?

    Bought too many Weber starter cubes when a nearby Ace had them on sale. They light fast, no ashes from newspaper. I'll try the oily paper towels when I before I replenish the cubes, probably around 2015!!!
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    Fire Wire now at William-Sonoma

    For what it's worth: Current issue (July & August 2010 of Cooks Illustrated reviewed the Fire Wire skewer.
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    i think i give up on bbq anything pork

    Just skimmed thru the site. Tons of information, thanks for the sharing.
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    Virginia > Gordonsville: BBQ Exchange

    Been there, done that. Had the pulled pork which was very good, ribs were very tasty but, for me a little heavy on the smoke taste -I altered the taste with a small amount of a medium sweet sauce. Corn bread and the pumpkin muffin were both the best I've had anywhere. Cole slaw and potato...
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    I need a cover for my Genesis

    Take a look at the comments at the following on Amazon: Weber 7553 Premium Cover for Weber Genesis Gas Grills. It appears Weber has corrected the rain problem by eliminating the mesh fabric. And the retailers continue "selling through" their inventory of the original design. I returned mine...
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    Shaun the website is promoting a Non-Stick Reversible Roast and Rib Rack. Less than $15. Must be the one I referred to earlier.
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    USDA Prime Ribeyes!

    Laughter this time of day is good for the Monday start. Very good. Really LOL!
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    USDA Prime Ribeyes!

    Good for you, Dave. My fear set in before I picked them out of the case. Maybe next trip. I'll look for the pics.
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    I have used the Williams-Sonoma, but, I'm going to do the "stack" method next. There is a rib rack available that is reversible for use as a roast rack. Don't recall where I saw it, but try Googling for it.
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    New Weber add-on

    My wife has a Pampered Chef Pizza stone. Has anyone had success with that approach? Would like to try out the Trader Joe's Pizza dough which I understand is very good.
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    Weber Grill Handle Light

    I'm using two of the Weber Grill Out lights - expensive, but they do the job for us.
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    I like the 1/4" idea. Tried it on my EP320 and it worked well. Now to find a welder. Thanks for that thought as well.
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    NY Strips and Cobb Salad.

    In addition to TL's, the BBQ seems to have a better atmosphere in Short Bump, oops, Pump! Happy hunting.
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    NY Strips and Cobb Salad.

    Thanks for the reply, Don. I like TL's meats as well, particularly since he started carrying choice a while back! Costco had Prime the other day - had a hard time looking at the $/#. We're in Wyndham - not far from TL's. Again thanks for the reply.
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    NY Strips and Cobb Salad.

    Good thought with the grates, Don! Haven't tried the "pig tail" yet. At the risk of being nosy - where are you buying your strips? Thanks, Cliff
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    Pepper Stout Beef

    Larry, a spectacular recipe!! My wife had "seconds" and I have never seen that before with any food. Could not find a hard roll (unreal), so we used a french Batard loaf - sliced off 4" and we were off and running. Thanks for the pleasurable experience!