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  1. Chris Arnold

    Finding fatty brisket (and other cuts) in London, UK?

    yes UK cattle are generally grass fed and slaughtered at a younger age - so meat is much leaner. we buy USDA or Australian grain fed briskets for competition cooks. you can still smoke UK briskets - but need to add some stock/jus/beer etc at the wrapping stage to enhance the moisture content...
  2. Chris Arnold

    Rotisserie folks: One bank of coals or two?

    two for me when I do Xmas Turkey...
  3. Chris Arnold

    Facebook pages

    Bullet Brothers BBQ here
  4. Chris Arnold

    New, (UK), Weber Briquettes. (2016)

    Heat beads for me in the WSMs too these days. My last stocks of the old white bag Weber briquettes have finally been used up. The new ones fine for grilling - as Tony says they get real hot (and quickly) - but not as easily manageable for low n slow as the heat beads...
  5. Chris Arnold

    New Thermometer - Smoke

    lets hope ETI in the UK start to sell it too Tony...
  6. Chris Arnold

    Throwdown #36: Sirloin Steak

    well done Cliff - whats next?
  7. Chris Arnold

    G'day from London UK

    you won't regret it Jules ...
  8. Chris Arnold

    G'day from London UK

    there were actually THREE 47cm/18.5in WSMs on eBay in the UK last is the time to pick up a bargain!
  9. Chris Arnold

    Throwdown #36: Sirloin Steak

    what? - no Chris Allingham option?
  10. Chris Arnold

    Birmingham, UK

    Mick general consensus in the UK is that the 47 uses less charcoal and is easier to manage - but to be honest I never had any issues with my 57 (or my 37 for that matter) if you like to cook for large numbers - 57 is the way to ever wanted LESS space! Chris
  11. Chris Arnold

    Unbelievable Custom Job...

    Yellow and Blue is in the UK - belongs to Glenn & Sarah who are the Riviera BBQ Team - they also repainted him for their recent wedding actually just noticed the Minion is a WSM too - Glenn & Sarahs is a Pro-Q.
  12. Chris Arnold

    Lurker turned member

    welcome Drew go for the Performer - add the rotisserie and you'll never need another grill (actually that's a lie - that's just the start !!!!)
  13. Chris Arnold

    New to smoking

    in the 14.5 I usually use 3 or 4 fist sized lumps - sometimes less...remember the meat only takes on the smoke in the first couple of hours anyway...
  14. Chris Arnold

    Smoking A Pork Shoulder On A 14.5" WSM

    14+ hrs on one load from my's a beauty
  15. Chris Arnold

    Throwdown #36: Sirloin Steak

    Chris - totally understand, it was a stretch i know - but always good to share :)
  16. Chris Arnold

    Throwdown #36: Sirloin Steak

    Cheers Tony ;)
  17. Chris Arnold

    Throwdown #36: Sirloin Steak

    OK here we go - Team GB representing early in this one. I was lucky enough to win am Australian Wagyu Striploin (near enough?) from a Meat Wholesaler here in the UK Decent grade it was too - awesome marbling so I fired up the Performer and used my BGE cast iron grate to give them a good...
  18. Chris Arnold

    First WSM attempt

    Chris - what Tony says - you really don;t need to keep adding coals/briquettes - the 37cm/14.5in WSM will happily run for 12/14 hours +
  19. Chris Arnold

    Weber Kettle Prices in Ireland - Read it & Weep

    check eBay too - thats quite good in the UK for 'nearly new' Webers...