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  1. Angie H.

    Back ribs

    looks fanstastic, Ken!
  2. Angie H.

    July 4th (2nd) 16 hour pulled pork

    That looks fantastic Chuck! I did a 10 lb pork butt today and didn't get it on till around 12 pm, thought I'd be outside in the middle of the night by the time it was done, I had the temp hover 275 - 300 and foiled it when it hit 170. Done at 7 pm when it hit 205, rested for one hour then...
  3. Angie H.

    Ribs and Barbie's Beans

    Looks fantastic! I googled the southern bbq beans recipe as I hadn't heard of it before, googled it and saw the recipe here on tvwbb no less, said to myself ok this is meant to be since I smoked a 10 lb pork butt for the 4th today. Barbie's southern bbq baked beans will now be on the menu!
  4. Angie H.

    Spicy Thai NY Strip and Shrimp

    Looks fantastic!
  5. Angie H.

    Dem Bones sauce - copycat recipe

    Dem Bones, that's a blast from my past! Went there several times many, many, many years ago when I lived in Vancouver. Used to have the beef ribs which were always a hit with me and my then boyfriend. I have made a chili sauce based bbq sauce in the past for chicken that is reminiscent of the...
  6. Angie H.

    My Nephew Requested Pizza (go figure!)

    I will have one of each please, as pizzas, not slices, Those look fantastic!
  7. Angie H.

    First WSM Smoke Day

    Very nice and welcome to your first smoke day!
  8. Angie H.

    Brisket Flat

    Looks fantastic!
  9. Angie H.

    One Long Day but Worth it.

    That looks fantastic, Rich! I have a 10 lb pork butt in the freezer I was going to smoke this weekend but as usually happens for Memorial Day here in the NW, it is going to be a rainy weekend, so it will have to wait till July 4th weekend. And yes Barb's nails look like she had them done at...
  10. Angie H.

    Charcoal Sales?

    Home Depot in North Seattle has 2x20 lb for 17.88, will be stocking up tomorrow!
  11. Angie H.

    Baet Lasagna

    That's my kind of cook, lasagna, adult bevvies and lots of kitties! Looks great Chuck!
  12. Angie H.

    Smashed Burgers

    The crust on the burgers looks great. I will be putting this on my to do list next time burgers are on the menu.
  13. Angie H.

    Three Pound Zuke Boat For Dinner

    That looks great Rich! I have copied and pasted your recipe into my must try recipes word doc and will be trying it very soon. Usually I only do stuffed peppers for the hubby and myself but have wanted to try stuffed zucchini for awhile.
  14. Angie H.

    Paella on the Kettle

    That looks fantastic!
  15. Angie H.

    My son is 25 today

    That is one stellar birthday dinner. Happy Birthday to your son and daughter, Chuck! And go Pumpkin go!
  16. Angie H.

    What's on your grilling and smoking menu for the Fourth of July Weekend?

    Today doing much the same as you Michael. Burgers, brats, potato salad and Italian pasta salad. Tomorrow will be ribs on the 22 in kettle, chicken drummies on the 18 in kettle, baked beans, loaded baked potatos, mexican street corn, coleslaw, nanaimo bars (a canadian dessert), strawberry...
  17. Angie H.

    Sunday Snacks (no-Go Giants)

    Looks delicious, Chuck! Always love seeing the cute kitty pics as well.
  18. Angie H.

    Bbq chicken skewers

    Looks fantastic!
  19. Angie H.

    The Virtual Weber Bullet 23rd Anniversary

    Congratulations Chris on 23 years and thank you!
  20. Angie H.

    My oldest Granddaughter is in to BBQ

    Those look perfect. You must be a proud grandpa!