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    ss performer

    I always keep a bag of lump (in the bag) in the bin. Charcoal I keep in a covered plastic storage container in my shed. I have never had a problem lighting lump - I also live in Michigan.
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    Performer or 26" kettle?

    I just went through the same dilemma. I really liked the look of the new 26" kettle - but in the end I just picked up a new black Performer. My family is getting smaller - kids are heading off to college and it will just be the wife and I pretty soon. I still have my 22" OTP which has been...
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    Specialty Cookbook

    Hi Jamie, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Just wondering if you would ever consider a specialty cookbook that features just side dishes or desserts? Or maybe one that has an international flair to it? I have all your books including the most recent Live Fire one and love them all. In...
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    '07 Summit

    Me too - after saving for 3 years, I finally have enough money to retire my crusty Char-Broil and am looking to get the 6 burner Summit this year. My problem is that where I live there is no chance at getting a look at a Summit in person. It sounds like they kicked up the BTU's a bit over last...
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    New 2007 Genesis - Regular vs. Premium

    When do the new line of Weber's generally show up in the big box stores?? My family has gotten me like $900.00 in gift cards to Home Depot over the last 3 years and I was looking at putting them towards a 2007 Summit. It looks like to me the new Summit's are going to come standard with the...
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    Smoking with Mequite vs. Hickory?

    Thanks for the link Bob, had not heard of that place. Gary - there are a lot of orchards in our area, are you aware of any that sell the wood for smoking (apple or cherry?).
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    Smoking with Mequite vs. Hickory?

    Hickory and fruit wood for pork - I would like to try pecan and alder eventually too. As for mesquite I love it on big slabs of beef (prime rib, brisket,london broil), but I use it rather sparingly, just to flavor the meat. I do notice however my family don't seem to like mesquite all that much.
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    Couple noob questions about Summit Platinum B6

    Thanks guys for the input - You put some good points out there when considering a grill. I manage a butcher shop and live next to it. I grill out year round (even in chilly Michigan winters) - and just for example I have grilled out the last 5 out of 7 nights. I cook often for my crew at the...
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    Boneless Baby Back Ribs... What to do.

    Gotcha Scot - I thought you were talking about whole bone-in pork loins. Interesting way of getting those - normally we just use them for city chicken, pork stew, boneless chops and boneless roasts. Betcha have customers wondering why boneless baby ribs cost less than the bone-in ones do...
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    Boneless Baby Back Ribs... What to do.

    Scot - I'm a butcher too, sounds like to me what you are describing are country style ribs, if they are cut off the "rib" end. If they are taking them off the "loin" end - they are glorified thick cut sirloin chops. In our state you can get away with calling those pieces baby ribs. But if you...
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    Couple noob questions about Summit Platinum B6

    First off - new here, just want to say hello and I love this message board, very informative. Saving up for a Summit Platinum B6, family and friends keep giving me Home Depot gift cards for birthday and Christmas. Does Home Deport ever run a sale on Webers??? How would the EZ-Que rotissirie...
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    Tough Time Finding Tri Tips In N.J.

    I run a butcher shop in Michigan here - I have been on my wholesaler for months trying to get them. My sales rep keeps trying to sell me "ball tips" - which I have to calmly explain everytime isn't even close to a tri-tip. We are just two miles down the road from a KOA, that is pretty much...
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    New Book: Weber's Real Grilling

    Just got this book for my birthday yesterday - I am going to try the Pork Rib Chops with Memphis Dry Rub first - they look delicious!! I love the Weber cookbooks, they don't repeat recipes, and are pretty easy to follow.