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  1. Joel Kiess

    Quick question

    Not sure if this is what you meant but here it says 325-350. When I do Turkey I run up there and don't fret too much if it gets above. Hope.that helps.
  2. Joel Kiess

    Foiling Ribs

    I usually don't bother with it. To each his own, but I like my results. When I do use it, I don't go more then about 30 minutes or so.
  3. Joel Kiess

    Beans below - Bones above!

    Covered for the first hour then let em get dripped.
  4. Joel Kiess

    Beans below - Bones above!

    Added the finish to the album. Yum. Curt - beans went on just a. it before the ribs. Left them covered for the first hour. About 4 hours total, running about 250. They had a few chunks of trimmings from previous rib cooks. The rub was from Ray Lampes Slow Fire - the sweet rub. Wasn't all that...
  5. Joel Kiess

    Beans below - Bones above!

    First: as mentioned during Smoke Day, I've been out of touch a bit - life ya know? Anyway, we're doing some ribs and beans today. First pics here: . Enjoy the 4th!
  6. Joel Kiess

    Happy Smoke Day 9!

    life has been getting in the way of my extacurricular activities (as it has a way of doing) lately, and I haven't been in touch as much as I would like. I hope everyone has a great weekend, smokes some awesome tasty treats and enjoys themselves. That's my plan! Happy Smoke Day 9!
  7. Joel Kiess

    Intro video to tonight's cookin'...

    OMG _ he's doing video!
  8. Joel Kiess

    Texas Butter Injected Yardbird

    Wow that looks good!
  9. Joel Kiess

    Hello from Iowa

    Welcome another Iowan!
  10. Joel Kiess

    Make do with what you've got brisket

    Doesn't look bad to me!
  11. Joel Kiess

    Tri Tip Sandwiches Last Night

    This was the first time I noticed a tri tip outside of Trader Joe's around here so I thought I'd pounce.
  12. Joel Kiess

    Missouri Spares

    Wow!! Awsome looking ribs! Impressive as always Jim.
  13. Joel Kiess

    This was my Saturday...

    Ribs look great!
  14. Joel Kiess

    Tri Tip Sandwiches Last Night

    I didn't temp at all. Just kinda by feel and time. The meat was on for awhile - close to 30 minutes total. Seems like a lot but the fire wasn't huge. Rested for 10 minutes or so.
  15. Joel Kiess

    Tri Tip Sandwiches Last Night

    Took my most recent slab of bacon to the butcher for slicing yesterday. They had a cute little tri-tip in the case I picked up - just over a pound. Here it is all seasoned up: Sliced up some onion Mushrooms: Also wedged up some potato. Here the meat is seared and off to the side...
  16. Joel Kiess

    Cold Rain Sleet Snow ... So what to do?

    Not available on Mobile! Ill catch it later at my desk.
  17. Joel Kiess

    Cold Rain Sleet Snow ... So what to do?

    I did consider the combo platter but opted for just the meatloaf. Chicken another night soon. Stay tuned.
  18. Joel Kiess

    Cold Rain Sleet Snow ... So what to do?

    OKay - went with the meatloaf tonight: Here's my first piece - yeah the smoke ring was intense! We made good work of the next couple of slices and there will be leftovers this week.
  19. Joel Kiess

    Cold Rain Sleet Snow ... So what to do?

    My bad: no 'action' shots :(. But it looked a lot like a meatloaf surrounded by smoke;) Your plate to follow!
  20. Joel Kiess

    Cold Rain Sleet Snow ... So what to do?

    First Update Hot off the smoker: We won't be eating for a while (wife is working), but here is the chicken and the meatloaf: The brine I used is a premix my folks gave me - lots of herb and some fruit. I made up a glaze with honey and OJ plus some Tones Citrus Grill. The Loaf It's going...