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    Q re Minion method and general BBQ please

    Hi all I want to try the Minion Method, but before I do, I want to make sure that the briquettes we use here in Australia are the same size as the ones generally referred to in the US. Quite often in BBQ sites, one is instructed to use a certain number of briquettes, so I want to ensure that...
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    Question from Oz re garlic powder

    Hiya Phil I'm in Perth You are totally correct, but my point was that I hardly ever see garlic powder called for in a recipe. Maybe I'm reading the wrong recipe books Cheers
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    Question from Oz re garlic powder

    This a kinda question about BBQ, part just cooking, but reading some of these posts prompted me to ask. Maybe even just a comment I'm intrigued - many, many American recipes mention using garlic powder, but I rarely see raw garlic in any recipes. Over here in Oz, I'm not sure I've ever...
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    Barbecuing, Grilling, and Weber Glossary/Acronyms

    Hi all Don't suppose you guys have a glossary somewhere do you? As an Aussie noob, I keep running into expressions I've never heard of! "Q", "Mr Brown", "fatties". Maybe we need a Smokey Wiki :) Heh heh Philip