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  1. Sean H

    Stuffed Chop

    Wow looks gouda!
  2. Sean H

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    A belated welcome Wayne. I'm a former Pittsburgher myself.
  3. Sean H

    Spare Rib Skirt Ham

    What the? That looks amazing! Never even thought to try that with the skirt meat.
  4. Sean H

    Bacon Burnt Ends

  5. Sean H

    Hello Friends

    Don't be strangers, Tony & Maribel. We all miss your excellent posts!
  6. Sean H

    Plate ribs

    I wish I could find plate ribs like that! Looks doggone good.
  7. Sean H

    Smoked Chicken with Homemade Coleslaw

    Chicken looks great! That's one of my favorite meals.
  8. Sean H

    Korean-ish sirloin sizzlers

    Local Italian grocery had sirloin sizzlers on sale, pretty cheap. My better half marinated them in kalbi marinade, and I grilled them up. Shot on the grill, resting on the cool side while I grab a platter to put them on... And plated, with rice, kimchi (homemade), and lots of vegetables...
  9. Sean H

    Herb Crusted Prime Rib on the Rotisserie

    I do a Christmas prime rib every year. My mom and my father-in-law both want their beef well done. So we sear end cuts for them from the rib roast, while everyone else gets theirs medium rare. Or you could drop the slices for your wife and kids in a pan full of au jus. Also a good option.
  10. Sean H

    Cured and Hickory Smoked Rib Tips

    That's a really cool idea. I'm going to give this a try sometime.
  11. Sean H

    Finally Did Roadside Chicken

    That RSC looks textbook good. Bet you're kicking yourself for not making it sooner!
  12. Sean H

    Hanging Ribs

    Nice job on those ribs. And very brave of you to hang them over the coals without a safety net. If I were you, I would not worry about chasing temperatures. Those ribs look perfect, so why mess with success?
  13. Sean H

    Korean Sticky wings

    Those look good, Case. I have a buddy who lives in Bend. I'll ask him if he could smell those delicious wings cooking from his house! :) You mentioned high temperature for the cook -- how high? And for how long?
  14. Sean H

    Saturday night wings

    Overcooked wings are still good wings. Case in point. Nice looking plate.
  15. Sean H

    Labor Day - The Bride takes over (Pineapple Plank Chicken)

    That is a neat dish. I want to try it. Do you flip the chicken on the planks?
  16. Sean H

    Friday evening pepperoni deep dish on the Kettle Pizza

    That looks excellent. What temp did you cook at on the Kettle Pizza? And for how long?
  17. Sean H

    2016 Charcoal Sales?

    Just an FYI, BJs fairly regularly sells Kingsford at pretty good prices. It's a bit more than the sales prices on the summer holidays, but quite a bit less than the regular selling prices at the HD, Lowe's, etc. I usually pick up some bags at BJs if I didn't buy enough during one of the holiday...
  18. Sean H


    I like you, Bill. You have great taste in football teams.
  19. Sean H

    Grinding Your Own Hamburger and Sausage.

    We grind fresh chuck for burgers usually. Though I bought a strip roast I was not too happy with, and that became burger meat as well. One pass, with the larger grind. Also, a good tip for cleaning -- run a piece of bread through the grinder after you are finished. Makes cleanup much, much easier.
  20. Sean H

    Chimney Rib-Eyes. HOT & FAST!!

    Just ordered one of those bad boys after seeing your results. Your post just made Unknown BBQ some money.