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    Poly twine in B&B charcoal

    Dang that sucks, I've been using B&B briquettes for over 3 years now with no issues.
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    Pork Steaks

    Those look great 👍 Love cooking pork steaks on my WSM with direct heat.
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    Kirkland Signature Professional Briquets

    I want to know how it compares to the Cowboy briquettes that Walmart carries, I believe it's also 40lbs for $18.
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    Kirkland Signature Professional Briquets

    Looks like it's Royal Oak since it's a ridge briquette. I wonder if it's similar to RO Chef Select since the bag states it's All Natural.
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    My Favorite Commercial BBQ Sauce(s)

    Head Country Apple Habanero and Killer Hogs Vinegar Sauce. SBR is okay, just have to thin it out a bit.
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    Trouble increasing temps to finish pork butt

    What temp do you get after opening all your vents?
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    What’s the deal with charcoal in 2023??

    For me the B&B briquettes at Walmart for $10 is a good deal because they seem to last twice as long as Kingsford blue. Best part is the B&B doesn't smoke up your entire backyard when lighting a chimney!
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    What’s the deal with charcoal in 2023??

    This year I stocked up on B&B orange bag briquettes for $10 each at Walmart and some Cowboy briquettes as well. I recently picked up a few bags of mesquite lump from a local Mexican market, they had 15lb bags for $5.99.
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    Post Oak pellets

    Wish I could get my hands on 100% Post Oak pellets, hopefully this blend is decent!
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    Wally World Charcoal Selection

    That's why B&B Briquettes are my favorite. They burn clean and burn very long! Cowboy is my 2nd favorite briquette.
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    cowboy hardwood briquets at Walmart

    I like it better than kingsford now, good value for sure.
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    "Super size" charcoal

    The worst Royal Oak briquettes are those red, white, and blue bags. They smoke up the entire backyard, burn quickly, and leave a ton of ash. I also tried the "All Natural" from Walmart, those were a bit better. After trying B&B orange bag, it's hard to go back to RO or Kingsford. The B&B burns...
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    temp control in weber 26.75"?

    The SnS is fine, starting off with a small fire helps, light like 8-10 briquettes. Once the kettle hits 200F, close bottom vent down to 1/4 and the top vent down to 1/4. As far as your Traeger not putting out smoke, try using Bear Mountain pellets, their Bold BBQ blend works well for me...
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    "Super size" charcoal

    I haven't been happy with Royal Oak briquettes, I'm with Louie, B&B orange bag is the way to go as far as briquettes go. Walmart sells them now on their website, but they go in and out of stock a lot.
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    Prime briskets $2.99 at costco

    $3.99 in SoCal, it was $3.49 last week...
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    Pork shoulder burnt ends!!!!

    Nice, I do the same with country style ribs, good stuff.
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    Beef Loin Top Sirloin Cap

    I believe there's 2 in that package, but yes Picanha is usually around 3 lbs on average.
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    Where to buy Rubs/sauces

    The BBQ HQ in Simi Valley isn't too far from you. Also check your local Ace Hardwares.
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    Charcoal recommendations??

    I think JD is worth it, best lump I've used. For briquettes, B&B is the way to go imo.
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    Charcoal Sales?

    You guys with Academy are lucky, the rest of us have to pay $14 a bag at Ace.