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  1. Jason Noble

    $70 off Thermoworks Smoke X2 or Smoke X4 plus 10% stackable code for email list subscribers

    This looks like a great replacement for my old Maverick 732. I don't need another app or wifi capability. Seems a bit unnecessary for my style of cooking. Is there a Thermoworks link that gets TVWBB a commission?
  2. Jason Noble

    Ignik Gas Growler (5lb mini propane tank with case) Deluxe 40% off at REI - $89 through 7/4

    You can get a 5lb bottle with gauge for $50 at Costco. No case or hose though.
  3. Jason Noble

    Weber on clearance at Target

    Weber grills and accessories are on clearance at Target from 50% to 70% off. Some items not at all. My suggestion is to use the in store price scanner to find the actual price. I already have a Jumbo Joe and a kettle so I passed on those. The lighter cubes were $1.64 per box. YMMV
  4. Jason Noble

    WSM 18 door

    I had to look up the price. Yup, $49 is ridiculous. Good luck with your search.
  5. Jason Noble

    So how much did you pay…

    I bought a Christmas tree permit from the local forest service office. That cost $20. Then about $25 in gas to drive to the mountains and back. My boys love hiking through the snow looking for that "perfect" tree.
  6. Jason Noble

    Best Thanksgiving EVER

    Looks like a very good time.
  7. Jason Noble

    Thermoworks Thermopop $12

    Picked one up, Thanks!
  8. Jason Noble

    What's the price of gas where you live?

    $4.91, it's gone up since I filled up last:unsure: (SLC Costco)
  9. Jason Noble

    Chicken thigh shawarma with ‘gus

    Mmmmm, that sure looks tasty.
  10. Jason Noble

    What's the price of gas where you live?

    $3.92 at Costco in SLC.
  11. Jason Noble

    Wok'in it up for dinner!

    That looks primo!
  12. Jason Noble

    Thanksgiving Dinner and Taking One for the Team

    Sure looks tasty. I'd take a serving of that WC stuffing 😁
  13. Jason Noble

    Thanksgiving 2020

    Might fine looking bird.
  14. Jason Noble

    Felt the need for some wings!

    Killer looking wings.
  15. Jason Noble

    Overnight Brisket on the Summit Charcoal

    Very nice bark. Looks moist as well.
  16. Jason Noble


    Good looking grub. I'd die for food like that on the hunt.
  17. Jason Noble

    Taco Tuesday

    Tacos look great. Gasser is great for those quick cooks.
  18. Jason Noble


    Wow! Looks good. Love the rosemary.
  19. Jason Noble

    Quick Summer Steak Dinner

    Looks great Rich.
  20. Jason Noble

    Master-Touch Premium Charcoal Grill 22" - New to the USA?!

    Only black? I'd love to see some other colors offered.