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  1. Reggie Methvin

    The 1950s Barbecue Compendium - A Sauce Recipe Archive

    Thanks for Sharing this, Lot's of great recipe. I've been looking for something along these line. I'm trying to start coking the old ways of Que.
  2. Reggie Methvin

    First Steaks of '23

    Nicely Done, Steaks looks delicious 😋
  3. Reggie Methvin

    Hello from The Mayor of BBQ 🔥

    Hello from The Mayor of BBQ, I currently live In Northwest Alabama. I've been using a Weber Smoker Bullet and a 22" Weber Grill for over 20 year. I also have cooked with Ubon's Barbecue out of Yazoo City, Mississippi for about 15 years. We cooked mainly on the MBN circuit. This is without a...
  4. Reggie Methvin

    Free Stickers are back!

    Chris Are any stickers still available?
  5. Reggie Methvin

    Big Beefy Plate Ribs

    Good Job, looks Amazing
  6. Reggie Methvin

    Hello from Brandon, MS

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks for allowing me to join. I truly enjoy using my 18.5 Weber Bullet. Looking forward to learning all I can.