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    1999 Weber red Genesis

    I made an exception for the handle since I can't do that routing. It's the original, sanded and finished, although it's still got some gray in the middle. At some point I'd like to do some kind of interesting carved cedar handle.
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    1999 Weber red Genesis

    What they said -- the Rustoleum Ultra is relatively glossy, the regular high heat is matte. I can attest that unless you have a perfectly smooth firebox, the gloss will show off all inconsistencies. I ended up doing the box and hood ends in matte and using the gloss on the frame (although...
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    Something new under the grill

    And ruin a perfectly good piece of rat meat?
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    Something new under the grill

    I got a shock after lifting the lid on my Genesis Friday afternoon. I guess it makes sense -- it's a dry hiding spot and probably smells like a good place to be. I'm really glad I always open the lid before lighting though.
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    Upper level on gas grill - what for?

    I reverse seared some ribeyes this weekend and started them on the rack to get them up to temp, which worked quite well while I grilled other stuff. And that included a grilled cheese sandwich, with a hot dog on the basket, Eric S.-picky kid-style.
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    What do you think of this pizza setup? (OTG 22.5)

    It was OK if you like crisp crust pizza, but it had several strikes against it to start. First it was half whole wheat, which is always going to be a little flat. Then, it was a quick dough instead of overnight or two-day rise, which I prefer to do. Pizza was a late-in-the-day decision, and...
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    What do you think of this pizza setup? (OTG 22.5)

    I finally tried grilling pizza yesterday and I think my setup has promise, just needs some tweaking. This pic is just after removing the lid after 6-8 minutes of cooking. This is my 22.5" kettle. I used a heaping chimney of hardwood charcoal plus a couple of handfuls extra on the grate. I...
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    1996 Genesis 5000 LP

    Ooh, I'll admit I did some pricing of belt/disc sanders during this project.
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    1996 Genesis 5000 LP

    My Genesis 1100 had the gray-painted wood slats too. I found the wood to be extremely light and soft and that cutting down a new cedar 1x2 was far more efficient than sanding down all the existing slats.
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    My first gas grill -- Redhead Genesis 1100

    Hey, I posted a wrap up thread here. I used cedar from Home Depot -- 1x2s for the side shelf and just plain fence pickets for the bottom shelf. The handle is the original wood, which seems like very cheap pine, with the gray paint sanded off. I sanded everything thoroughly and did 3 or 4 coats...
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    Identify this grill??

    I'd be more concerned with how you manage the grease. With grates, liquids are dripping more or less evenly directly off the food. With the griddles, you could get larger volumes all running off in one spot, causing very big flare ups (a good reason not to ditch the flavorizer bars) and/or...
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    Is my Genesis 1000 resigned to the dustheap of history?

    Jay, You should know that it's LMicheal's official job to warn about the dangers of removing screws from the firebox. I too received such a warning in my early days after I had removed mine. By the grace of George Stephen Sr. my grill survived. I only hope you're as lucky. (If you were to ask...
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    Cook'n on a Genny 1000

    Bob, I've been wrestling with East-West burner cooking myself since my Genesis 1100 is my first gas grill. I think I'm getting the hang of it though. I've felt like it's hard to get a good indirect zone with the next zone being so close. But I'm doing pretty well now thinking 3-dimensionally...
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    Is my Genesis 1000 resigned to the dustheap of history?

    If I follow you (but pics would help) I'm thinking you could probably find appropriate square tubing fittings that would get you back together. You might have to saw off some bits to make it work, but I don't think it would require any special metalworking skill, just a hacksaw and a drill plus...
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    Could Not Resist

    I did an oil stain and topped with a couple of coats of spar urethane, which you can get in a gloss finish, and it looks great. I don't have any experience with automotive coating, but I found this, which looks encouraging...
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    Help identify this grill, please.

    Michael, Here are some shots of my 1100 for comparison, but the handle style on Rich's 1000XL might be the distinguishing factor. Also, is the shelving on yours a plastic composite, or wood painted gray? Mine was the latter.
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    Craycort Father's Day Sale

    I have the veggie basket insert and use it regularly. However, since I generally have a 2-zone charcoal setup, I find it a little inconvenient to have half of my direct cooking area occupied by the basket when I'm usually doing 2 or 3 other items that need that space. I've occasionally been...
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    1998 Genesis 2000 rehab

    That looks awesome -- great job. I did cedar and teak oil too, but with a couple of coats of spar urethane on top. How did you do your Weber emblem? I painted mine and sanded the top layer with my Dremel, but I'm afraid it left the metal looking weird.
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    Redhead Genesis 1100 Restore

    I finally finished up the woodwork on my Genesis, so I thought I'd post a recap. Before: After: I paid $45 for it and spent about $160 on paint, wood and finishes, warming basket and shelf, catch pan and holder, cover and a propane tank. Thanks so much to all of you for all the advice...
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    Genesis Redhead in need of restoration

    I assume you looked on the right side of the frame for a serial number? It certainly looks like mine, which is a 97 Genesis 1100. Except, am I noticing that the frame is made to hold that wire bottom shelf? I would guess that makes it more recent since mine has wood shelves. Pretty grubby --...