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    FoodSaver alternative roll material

    I like Ultra bags from here. http://shop.VACUUMSEALERSUNLIMITED.COM
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    Slicer Recommendations

    When you get back in the market for a slicer, I have the Chef's Choice model 615 and really like it. It's not a commercial slicer, but for home use, it works well. Fairly easy to clean also.
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    Let's see those birds!!

    This was a 12lb'r done on the performer using the Vortex. I did have to flip it about halfway thru the cook. After about 4 years of experimenting with the Thanksgiving turkey, this one was absolutely the best yet. Breast was juicy, tender and very tasty.
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    Smash Burger Utensil

    I got one of these.
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    Watch out MC-Rib

    The guy that came up with the process was on Shark Tank - Al "Bubba" Baker.
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    My first kitchen remodel

    I think I would go with what she prefers.
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    which rib rack to use

    I had one with the spikes. After a few too many whiskies one night, I stepped on it and one of the spikes went right threw my little toe. Don't leave it sitting on the ground.
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    Vortex Question

    I haven't used my performer without the vortex since I got it. Great wings and BB ribs.
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    #12 Standing Rib Roast

    Got an email from Thermoworks yesterday on smoking PR.
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    Brisket Point Only

    I have done the point only. I wrapped mine in butcher paper. Turned out great. See post below.
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    Has anyone used BOTH the Weber Pizza Oven and the KettlePizza?

    Stopped by Home Depot yesterday. They had the PizzaQue for 25.00.
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    Weber Barbecue Grill

    I have that exact model and highly recommend it. The work area (table) isn't big, but it suffices. It also folds down giving a small footprint. Get a weber chimney and you'll be good to go.
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    Help me decide. I've got an offer I can't refuse... Meat from Snake River Farms

    I would love to try a brisket from SRF, but haven't been able to pull the trigger yet. But if someone else was buying????
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    Catch-up on Ketchup

    Not sure how common this is but my wife puts ketchup on her scrambled eggs.
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    Tootsie Tomanetz -Snow's BBQ

    Very cool.
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    First Hot n Fast BB ribs w/Vortex

    Asked the wife what she wanted for dinner, she asked if it was too late for ribs. It was already around 2:00PM and we had no ribs at the house. Decided after reading other successful HH ribs on this forum, I would give it a try. I only took 2 pics. The ribs turned great. I think they slightly...
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    My First Boston Butt, On the Kettle with the Vortex

    The pulled pork looks great - will have to try that with the vortex. I have done three cooks with the vortex. The first two were chicken, turned out great. Yesterday I did salmon using the vortex (set up like you do with wings). Much easier cook than over direct coals. The family agreed this was...
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    the burger ''bubble'' in the US might be about to pop. (article)

    Whataburger is a must in Texas.
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    A Couple of pics from the first run on new Vortex

    Bob, I did not turn the thighs during the cook. All I did was turn the lid 45 degrees about every 30 min to change direction of the top vent. I read to on this forum to do that, but not sure if necessary.