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    Old Fashioned Fruit Cakes

    My first wife made excellent fruit cake. It was her Dad's recipe. He was a Master Baker. No one had ever written the recipe down. When she died, the recipe died with her.
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    Hi From Indian Head Park, IL.

    Been a while. Hope to get back on a semi-regular basis. Larry
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    18.5" As A Cold Smoker

    Yeah, I know about pics. Gotta learn how to do that one of these days.
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    How'd you get into barbecue? *****

    Long ... Long time a ago ... In a land far ... far away. OK - It's the early 1960's and far away is Akron, OH. - it's only 380 miles. My Dad always had some kind of grill - probably those old cheapie Patio Classics. Mom would let me and my buddies cook hot dogs every now and then for our...
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    Didn't Get To Cook ...

    Traveled on Smoke Day so I didn't get to cook. Ate ribs, beans, and fries @ the 17th St in Marion, IL. Had great cracklins as an appetizer - they were still popping when they came to table. Leftovers were even good as a late night snack at the hotel.
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    18.5" As A Cold Smoker

    Finding that I like to use my 18 1/2"r as a cold smoker. Did bacon a couple times earlier in the Spring using tips I found here Did a couple lbs. of salmon fillets @ 165 degrees on Saturday. Took about 4 1/2 hours to get them finished. Had to add 3 small chunks of lump and a chunk of white...
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    Perfecting my hot wings

    Gonna grill for 35 - 40 people on Saturday. Mainly burgers and dogs and some sausages. Think I might make some wings also.
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    Illinois > Westmont: Uncle Bub's Had dinner at Uncle Bub's a month or so ago on a Saturday night then went back for lunch on Monday. Had the beef ribs for dinner. Nice 7 bone rack from a standing rib roast. Best beef ribs I've ever eaten in a restaraunt - meaty and tender with just enough "pull"...
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    Illinois > Wood Dale: Sweet Baby Ray's Had lunch at Sweet Baby Ray's a month or so ago. Had the rib tips - I'm a sucker for rib tips and Sweet Baby Ray's are really good. Had the beans and fries as sides - both are also really good. Took a carryout "Deuce" for my dinner at work. A "Deuce" is their pulled...
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    Bacon cured with salt and Pinapple juice

    36 hour cure was just about perfect. Fried a couple slices when I was vac packing Sunday night. It is different but really good! i will make it again.
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    Have you made a second tier

    I use one of those Smokenator racks in my 22 1/2". I've never double up in my 18 1/2".
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    Bacon cured with salt and Pinapple juice

    I put about 2 lb. in to cure last night around midnight. I used 1/2 cup pineapple juice, 1/4 cup blue agave syrup, 1/4 cup soy sauce (forgot I was out of salt and at midnight did not feel like running back out to the store), 1 tbs. ground ginger, and 1 tbs. fresh cracked pepper. Mentioned...
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    So what's cooking for Easter dinner?

    Nothing. Going to one of the niece's for dinner. I have made a gallon jar of pickled eggs and beets to take + a quart of just pickled beets. I do use fresh beets. Have about 10 lb. of pork belly curing for bacon that I will smoke Sunday morning. 8 lb. been curing conventionally and 2 lb. for...
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    Bacon cured with salt and Pinapple juice

    I have about 2 lb. that I'm going to put into a pineapple juice, sea salt, ground ginger, and fresh cracked black pepper cure on Thursday night when I get home from work. Should only be in the cure for about 36 hours before I start to dry. Still thinking coconut shell for smoke but might use...
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    1st Bacon Smoke Questions

    Put 7 1/2 lb. into a maple syrup, apple juice, light brown sugar, sea salt (forgot to look for that dang pink salt again) brine last night. Will smoke Easter morning with a maple / apple mix. 2nd time I've ever bought pork belly and this has skin on. 3 approximately 2 /2 lb. chunks. Two had...
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    The All Encompassing Beer Thread

    Going to beer shop this weekend. I only drink one beer a week on Friday night when I get home from work. Don't know what I'll get - see a lot of good stuff here. Just see what I'm in the mood for when I shop.
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    Kitchenaid stuffer attachment

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">it still was a PITA. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> First nickname my wife ever gave me. Told her she was a PIMA! Almost 13 years later we still call each other PITA and PIMA. This...
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    Bacon cured with salt and Pinapple juice

    I'm intrigued! May be an experiment the next time I can get some pork belly. Don't think I'd do a full 7 day cure because of the enzymes but maybe cure for two, maybe three, days. Wouldn't do all the pork belly I'd buy but a 1 1/2 - 2 lb. hunk might be worth the effort. Maybe some coconut...
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    Indirect Grilling

    Difference I'm seeing here is indirect or building a zone fire. Indirect I use my charcoal baskets, one on each side, have experimented with one on the left side and one perpindicular across the top - really no difference. Will use a water or drip pan - depends on what I'm cooking. Zone fire -...
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    Does anyone have one of these??

    I use one of my OT's. Usually just on the cooking grate. Have used a stone a couple times but prefer directly on the grate - get that little bit of bottom char. No problems - 4 or 5 minutes direct, flip, add my toppings, move indirect after another 3 or 4 minutes. About 10 minutes later I...