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  1. J

    High Heat Turkey with B&B lump charcoal

    So luckily no hot feet, but wanted to share done pic. Thanks for checking it out.
  2. J

    High Heat Turkey with B&B lump charcoal

    Fair enough. Just call me dumb and lazy.
  3. J

    High Heat Turkey with B&B lump charcoal

    Hi All. Happy Thanksgiving! Just wanted to share. Simple 18 lb turkey rubbed with butter and rosemary and smoking with some apple wood. What I really wanted to share is how impressed I am by B&B lump. First time is used and it had nice sized pieces and burns nice and hot without effort. 350...
  4. J

    Smoke Day Ribs

    Gorgeous rack!
  5. J

    Hot & Fast Smoke Day Chicken

    Wow. Why haven’t I done hot and fast chicken yet? Your pics are a great motivator!! 🇺🇸
  6. J

    First WSM Smoke Day

    Wow. What a great weekend. Looks delicious!
  7. J

    Beef Chuck Ribs are ON!!!

    So today is smoke day for me. 4 racks a chuck ribs on at 10 am New York time. Trimmed and rubbed 2 racks below ready to go in! Will keep you posted.
  8. J

    Big'ol Beef Ribs

    Wow!!! Looks delectable! You are inspiring me to get out some plate ribs I have in the freezer. Thank you!
  9. J

    2 Butts on the “18 with questions

    Thanks for the info!
  10. J

    2 Butts on the “18 with questions

    Hi all. Getting ready for the big game with two 8 pound butts on. Got them a little later than usual so going for temp around 270. Do you guys see much of a difference between 270 and 225? Also I am thinking about putting them in foil pans when they hit around 140 to collect the drippings and...
  11. J


    Wow! That looks superb!!!! Would you please share a little more on prep, tools and technique. Any special equipment? Do you cook with lid up? Temp? Does the meat rotate? Etc?
  12. J

    July 3rd Overnight Brisket

    way to go! brisket is always a fun adventure!
  13. J

    What's cookin' for WSM Smoke Day 17?

    Going to be a washout weekend here on long island, so will set up smoker under cover and do some baby backs and some boneless skinless turkey breast Aaron Franklin style
  14. J

    What's cookin' for WSM Smoke Day 17?

    I have pork belly in the freezer but have never done one.....Doing on Smoke Day and thinking burnt ends....any other suggestions for pork belly?
  15. J

    Sauce for brisket?

    Strong advocate of the No. 5 Sauce!
  16. J

    Chicken and Dumplings

    mmmmm looks great!!!!
  17. J

    Bob's Beer Brats

    perfect combination of ingredients
  18. J

    Applesmoked Beef Short Ribs

    I see melt in your mouth goodness!
  19. J

    Chicken, Pig and Cow

    Looks Delicious!
  20. J

    Just a little brisket

    Nice John. No fuss brisket!