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    Reheating time for Brisket Needed today

    Most food safety specs state food holding temps are 140 degrees minimum for already hot meat and 165 degrees within 2 hours to reheat meat.
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    smokey joe chicken

    My thighs were done in a little over an hour the other night, but if you are cooking boneless/skinless breasts they will be done sooner. I would brine the breasts, however. Check out the recipe section for brines.
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    smokey joe chicken

    If you have room, put all your coals on one side, add smoke wood to the coals, and put a water pan on the cooking grate over the coals, then put the chicken on the cooking grate next to the water pan, but over the cool side of the grill. Put the lid on so the vent is above your chicken opposite...
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    Butts came out great but NOW WHAT?

    I also freeze some apple juice in ice cube trays and put a couple of cubes in each food saver bag before I seal it. It helps keep everything moist and delicious when I boil it to reheat. (I've tried freeze some carolina red sauce once in the icecube trays but it didn't freeze solid.)
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    Ribs - not britu - please help

    Some ribs racks are like that. I typically cook my babybacks for 6 hours when I don't use foil. Yesterday I did 3 racks with dome temps 245-255 for 6 hours on the nose. One rack was perfect and the other 2 could have used a little longer in my opinion. Good, but needed a little more tug to...
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    Tri tip is even faster on the kettle. I sear it for 3 minutes a side over direct coals, then stick my polder probe in the center of the roast and finish over indirect heat with the lid on. I throw some smoke wood on during the indirect period for good measure. It usually takes me 25-35...
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    Does altitude change the cooking time?

    Gee, thanks Paul! My Q'g time has taken a serious decline the last several months. We have been having our house remodeled and my back patio/deck were ripped up and became the staging area for the contractors. So my WSM got pushed aside and stood covered behind piles of dirt, debris and...
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    Does altitude change the cooking time?

    I live at 400 feet elevation and all my bbq'g experience is at home. However, this weekend I hauled my WSM up camping to make bbq'd chicken thighs for the group. We were camping at about 4000 feet. I loaded up the WSM with 30 thighs and kept the temps 250-270 degrees dome temp. However, I...
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    Cucumber Tomato Onion Salad (Sugar-free)

    We do much the same thing alot, except we pour seasoned rice wine vinegar over the onions, cucs and tomatoes a shortly before dinner and thats it. No water or sugar. They get pretty mushy by the next day, so we usually only make enough for one meal, but we save the vinegar for the next batch...
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    The Bottom Line??

    Read this link on firing up your WSM: Firing Up Your Weber Bullet I printed it out and still refer to it often. It should help answer your questions.
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    Serving a Butt

    One of our favorite ways to eat leftover pulled pork (the first night we always go traditional with white buns and slaw), is pulled pork tacos or tostadas. In fact, thats what I had last night for dinner. Just pile some pork on a warm fresh flour or corn tortilla and pile on your favorite...
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    Renowned Mr. Brown Question

    I just bring it to a simmer and then keep it warm or warm it up again before I mop so that I'm not putting cold mop on the meat. I like the Southern Sop and use it often, but sometimes I get lazy and just spray apple juice or 50/50 mix of apple juice/apple cider vinegar on my Mr. Brown with no...
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    First Pork Butt - Questions

    You know some of my longest per pound cooks have been with smaller butts, but generally the ratio should remain the same. However, I've never had a butt finish in less than 2 hours/pound. I don't know where the 1.5 hours/pound ratio came from but it has never happened to me. My butts all...
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    Rubbing A Brisket

    I don't technically "rub" the meat, I just sprinkle the rub on and "pat" it into the meat so that it sticks. One of my favorite brisket "rubs", in fact I'm smoking one right now, is simply rubbing on a good coating of worcestershire sauce and then a heavy sprinkling of montreal steak seasoning.
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    How to cut a frozen pork loin?

    I've cut a "log" of frozen hamburger with my chop saw before. Go for it. Its fast, but does spray frozen "sawdust" bits of meat, so do it outside rather than in your shop, or my case, my garage.
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    Jerk Pork Butt help

    I've tried jerk pork butt once and I intend to try it again. The one time I tried it, my jerk marinade/paste lost most of its heat (2 habaneros) during the cook. I was very disappointed. Unfortunately, I didn't save any to add to the pulled pork which is something I will definitely do next...
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    Paul Kirk's Cooking School

    I took the Paul Kirk class last year thru the Pacific NW BBQ Association. I seem to recall the cost was about $145. The class is formatted like a hands on mini-competition included awards and ribbons. You learn how to select, prep and cook brisket, butt, ribs, chicken and sausage. I learned...
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    Safe pork temperatures

    The average incubation period before food borne illness causing bacteria produces "food poisoning" is 24-48 hours after ingestion. Many people who get gastroenteritis ("food poisoning") blame the last meal they ate which is usually incorrect. The tainted meal was most likely consumed the day...
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    buckboard bacon emergency!!

    I have a buckboard emergency too. I didn't cook enough! Boy oh boy, that was great bacon. Even my picky daughter who only likes her bacon "soft" was begging for more and she didn't care if it was crispy or soft. We had BLTs for dinner tonight and I fried up about a pound. I smoked 6.5...
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    Who's Smoking the Weekend 4/2-4/4?

    Smoking my buckboard bacon on Saturday. Springer fishing on Sunday.