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    WTB 22.5" WSM Lid

    Hello, I'm interested in a 22.5" WSM lid shipped to the Bay Area. I'd prefer it to be complete with the thermometer but will take what I can get. Do you have an extra? Let's work out a deal! pm me. Thanks!
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    WTB: 22.5" WSM lid- Bay Area

    Hello, I'm iso a 22.5" wsm lid in good nick. I'd prefer it to have the thermometer as well but that's not a deal breaker. Please pm me with a pics/ price including shipping to the Bay Area. Thanks!
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    Midsection Handles on a 22 WSM

    Thanks, Steve and Chris!
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    Midsection Handles on a 22 WSM

    Thanks, Michael!
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    Midsection Handles on a 22 WSM

    Hey Steve, you are probably correct. I was told by the person I bought the from that the handle brackets were a ranch part # but the handles were pulled from a fireplace. I think you can purchase the wooden fireplace handle and bracket assemblies too as one part # but I am not sure.
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    Midsection Handles on a 22 WSM

    I used Ranch Kettle Handles mounted horizontally on the 22" and my cover fits snug, but fine. Remember that the 2nd lid handle sticks out, so you can add another handle to the midsection without changing the footprint. I usually rotate the lid so that the the lid handle lines up with the...
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    WSM Trifecta complete!

    Oh, trust me, they are only clean on the outside. That's why there are no pics under the hood. :D Yep! The original small model sold from 1981-1983. Chris has an excellent resource on it here:
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    WSM Trifecta complete!

    How is everyone? I got the 18.5" missing from my collection today. I'm so excited and had to share. "E" Wood handles
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    My Choice of Mods for My 22 WSM, Thanks to This Forum and You Good People

    Does the cover still fit with those handles attached?
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    Weber to India

    Amazing pic! Thanks for sharing.
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    Steamer Pot Alternatives

    you can use a 10-16gal drum instead of a steamer pot.
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    Whole Hog / 120 lbs

    Excellent cook, Josh! Were you able to get the skin crispy?
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    Wheels on WSM?

    Love the mastertouch setup, Mac!
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    Star Rating Posts *****

    Other forum sw also has a "views" count, so you will know when a thread is "hot."
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    Stoker LCD Text Pixelation

    Thanks, Amir. I'm local to them so I will just try to stop in. Best, Lawrence
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    Kinda lame chicken pattie post!

    Simple yet delicious! Thanks for sharing.
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    The All Encompassing Beer Thread

    I just picked up a case of Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing co in Santa Rosa, CA. Anyone ever try it? It's supposed to be really good but I haven't had it yet.
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    Cajun Bandit Stacker

    Hi Eric, try this thread: Enjoy!
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    18.5 Weber Stainless Steel Wok Questions

    Shaun R was looking for an 18.5" one on May 30. The thread doesnt exist anymore as it was on the trading post. He had a new 22.5 just like the one you had to trade. Perhaps you two should connect?
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    Buffalo Chicken Lollipops

    Hi Jim, Yeah Jacques made it look so easy! I got the hang of it with a knife after the 4th or 5th one but his method of popping off the wingtip seems so much better.