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  1. Geir Widar

    1st attempt @ bacon- not good

    If you are using tablespoons as a measurement for salt when you are trying to make bacon, you have a problem before you start to make your bacon. The "tablespoon" is not accurate enough. It is better to use grams, or any measurement based on weight. Calculate the salt in % of the meat weight...
  2. Geir Widar

    Kitchen Hacks, Tips & Tricks

    I use xanthan gum in the second batch of marinade. The marinade used during grilling gets a small teaspoon of Xanthan gum. I have never experimented, but I like your style. You might like to use the rest of the marinade used in step 1, and drip it over the coals when grilling. To be frank, I'm...
  3. Geir Widar

    Kitchen Hacks, Tips & Tricks

    Do you like roadside chicken, but you think the very thin marinade makes the process unenjoyable? Buy some Xanthan Gum, add 1/4 of a teaspoon or so to the marinade, and shake the bottle. A little goes a long way. It's much easier to build up a nice layer on the chicken parts.
  4. Geir Widar

    I still know how to do it.

    Mildo, there are some beans and chopped unions in a pan on the bottom grate. They taste great, after catching some of the drippings from the ribs. I cooked them for a couple of hours, and stirred the beans a couple of times. Thanks for the kind words to all of you.
  5. Geir Widar

    I still know how to do it.

    Lousy summer, the coldest one in the last ten years. Furthermore, I'm not too happy with my life, to be frank. Today I smoked some spare ribs. I still know how to do it. Feels good. Believe it or not, I have not tweaked the picture. Had to use flash, since it's nightfall here at 6PM. Hope you...
  6. Geir Widar

    Nitrate free bacon

    Nitrites were banned in Norway from 1973, and for a long period. There might be a difference in the risks of botullism, since standards in food safety might be different, but as far as I know there was not a single case of botulism from "bacon" during the long period where the bacon was produced...
  7. Geir Widar


    I feed the birds all year round. For several years I've had a woodpecker eating a lot of food, but today something happened. It chose to end its life against a window pane, all dark, no light in the room. Look for the shadow of the bird in the video, the woodpecker is not visible, but you can...
  8. Geir Widar

    Birthday dinner - smoked lobster

    Fantastic! Any leftovers?
  9. Geir Widar

    Just had to share my night sky

    The best part to visit Norway is June or July. This picture is taken a few miles from here, there is still a lot of snow to enjoy if you want to, and I can go there in about five hours time if I want to. [/URL][/IMG] I'll pass. There is lots of snow in the mountains this year, 360 inches in...
  10. Geir Widar

    Cutting wood into chunks

    My saw kicked back so hard that it broke the gears. I'm lucky to have all my fingers. Do not use.
  11. Geir Widar

    Just had to share my night sky

    I did not know I lived near a dragon's den.. The picture, shot just before midnight, is a bleak copy of the actual view. I hope you like it. From now on, the days will be shorter, and winter is coming.
  12. Geir Widar


    What can I say? It's impossible to match this. Very nice.
  13. Geir Widar

    Arctic pig chop cut

    Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Lampe. The pigs live just a few miles away from this view, take a look and enjoy. No wonder they have lived a good life.
  14. Geir Widar

    Arctic pig chop cut

    Long time no see. I have not had the energy needed to post anything, and to be honest, I have used my grills much less this year than before. Today I used my grill with the rottisserie to make dinner. Just a couple of pictures, no plated picture, but here it goes. It's better than no pictures...
  15. Geir Widar

    Curing bacon question - piercing the meat

    As long as the ratio of salt and meat is correct, it is not possible to "overcure", holes or not. There is no reason to punch holes in the meat, as long as you have the time needed to let the process progress in a natural way. If you are talking about industrial production, it will save you...
  16. Geir Widar

    In honor of our worthy opponents

    I would not use a disposable platter to present such a fantastic meal. Looks great! I think the cheese is one of the best looking cheeses I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing!
  17. Geir Widar

    Chainsaws and smoke wood

    No worries. I agree with you, I'm not sure what is unclear, but let me try to explain my view with other words. As long as you are making chunks of wood with a chainsaw, the amount of chainsaw oil that you will find on the wooden parts are next to nothing, and not a problem. As far as I know...
  18. Geir Widar

    Chainsaws and smoke wood

    I have a cheap electrical saw that I use for making chips for cold smoking. I've cranked up the flow to max, and test the temperature of the chain from time to time. Usually I need a rest before the saw needs one. I use the cheapest vegetable oil I can find. Peanut, sunflower, whatever.. Now...
  19. Geir Widar

    Pork belly ideas

    You don't need a basket for your rottisserie. The taste is great!. The whole thread:
  20. Geir Widar


    Once again, you prove that you have earned that grilled black belt of yours! If I have to choose, flame licked chuck eyes is the best shot. (I happen to know Jim's exact adress, and that can be revealed on PM, for a fee..)