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    Gizmo for cooking gizzards

    Way back in the 1970s giblets were include with fryers. Nowadays not.
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    Gizmo for cooking gizzards

    I possess a 22 inch kettle with the hinged cooking grate. Imagine I'm cooking indirectly a whole chicken and would like to cook gizzards off to the side. To hold the gizzards, would a perforated container be preferred or what???
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    Ultimate Baked Beans

    Just what is the size of the vessel you're using???
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    My latest post in Beverages never appeared in "New Posts"

    Today I posted in the thread entitled Limoncello and it never appeared when I clicked on "New Posts". What's up with that?
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    Limoncello (Lemoncello) the Italian way

    A special thanks goes out to the member who posted earlier to use a potato peeler for zesting the lemons. Today I used one for the first time in zesting and in less than fifteen minutes I produced 50g of zest without pith. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last time I zested using sharp...
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    Cat for Christmas?

    I'm a cat person and love your future catster to the end of time. And Don't you ever abandon the catster.
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    Hibachi grills

    From the WOK SHOP in SF. Or from an ebay search
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    Anyone make a bacon masher?

    I don't bother with straining the grease and it works for me.
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    Making Bacon

    I've always used apple, white oak, birch and hickory woods for smoke and that could be the reason for my darker color.
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    Making Bacon

    Your bacon appears tasty. 8)) Using the minion method described at this forum, I've made bacon since '08 in my 18 inch WSM and the surface never finished as light as yours. Mine was darker. I kept the temperature as low and the rise as slow as possible, starting at just after the charcoal...
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    Hibachi grills

    Chopping block?!?!?!?!?!?
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    Hibachi grills

    What's wrong with the Lodge Spt?
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    adding a lid thermometer to a 22 inch kettle

    This page from Tel Tru.
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    Hog Jowl and its advantages

    veeeery rich tasting bacon.
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    This Tell-Tru Install OK For WSM 18" ?

    My 18" WSM didn't include a thermometer therefore no bezel. Yet here is the information on the curved washers as of 2007 that I used: Manufacturer Gardner Spring 1.800.331.3265 MB 1750-057-S Belleville Disc Spring UPC 7 15153 97130 4 I believe it to be this one, MB1750057. (EDIT) @Chris...
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    This Tell-Tru Install OK For WSM 18" ?

    Many years ago at this forum someone provided me with a pair of washers that were "scalloped" or curved: their curvature matched that of the cover's dome providing a solid foundation and seal. (EDIT) I'll try and find the part number and name.
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    Hog Jowl and its advantages

    + + + 1 1 1 ^ ^ ^
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    Deer teeth dentures

    ...mind expanding. 8DDDDDDDD