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  1. MikeD125

    First cook for the new guy

    Nice cook, the smoker is to shiny!
  2. MikeD125

    Mothers days cook....( So Cal members pay close attention)

    Nice couple of days! Why do you eat so late?
  3. MikeD125

    Ahhh.... Days Gone By

    No snow? Jealous!
  4. MikeD125

    Saturday Tri Tip

    I would eat it!
  5. MikeD125

    Mr Steak & Mrs Dash Breasts

    Awesome chicken meal!
  6. MikeD125

    Chicken practice

    Think you won that one.
  7. MikeD125

    Grilled Bratwurst!

    Omg so good!
  8. MikeD125

    Prime Rib, Potatoes, and Mushrooms! and ICE!!

    LOVE prime rib! Great job!
  9. MikeD125

    Hump Day Bacon Cheese

    Awesome job on the burgers!
  10. MikeD125

    First roti cook!

    Great first cook!
  11. MikeD125

    BBQ Chicken Pizza

    Great pizza!
  12. MikeD125

    A Little Grill for Little Hamburglars

    GReat burger and fries!
  13. MikeD125

    Trying a Chuck roast

    Good job on both cooks!
  14. MikeD125

    All smoker fried chicken- Jamaican Jerk

    Awesome chicken!
  15. MikeD125

    Walking Dead Paella

    Fantastic job!
  16. MikeD125

    Snow Ribs

    Great ribs!
  17. MikeD125

    Carne asada research and cook.

    Food looks great. LOl @ the old Milwaukee.
  18. MikeD125

    The house of the rising sun

    Great meal Tony, nice and simple.
  19. MikeD125

    My best brisket so far

    Great smoke ring! Looks great!