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  1. AlWielgosz

    Exclusive Drawing for Forum Members: Cook's Country 1 Year Magazine Subscription

    Thank you, I still have all my Weber newsletters from the 80's came out quarterly. Always a good read, still use their Turkey brine recipe to this day!
  2. AlWielgosz

    Baked Beans

    Another favorite years ago was the Virginia BBQ in Rocky Mount Virginia. I think they were drippin beans.
  3. AlWielgosz

    Baked Beans

    Thank you Sir, will give these a try!
  4. AlWielgosz

    Spare Ribs with applewood and B&B charlogs

    Thank you sir, I will give this a try.
  5. AlWielgosz

    Baked Beans

    I'm on the Northern East coast, i have a favorite BBQ joint that I drive 3 hours to at least once a year. He's a replanted Carolinian (Bears BBQ, Conn.) He has the best baked beans I have ever had. No idea how he makes them. Just the right heat and I detect a touch of cumin. I'm looking for a...
  6. AlWielgosz

    Neely's Sweet and Spicy Coleslaw

    Making this for office party this week, sounds yummy
  7. AlWielgosz

    Easter Time For LAMB!!!!

    I have never cooked lamb in my life, actually have only had it a few times as kabobs. My Aunt loves Lamb and got me a roast to cook for Easter So looks like I'm firing up the 14" WSM in the morning
  8. AlWielgosz

    Alright guys. Just bought one of these bad boys

    Welcome, and I just cooked! Well after I installed the gasket kit......;)
  9. AlWielgosz

    Would you buy another Kettle just because?

    Yup what John said I now have 10 kettles..... just can't say no to a $20 or $30 weber.....:coolkettle:
  10. AlWielgosz

    Dodger Dogs in Padre town.

    Nice post! I did not know that table existed! Kewl!
  11. AlWielgosz

    Here's my story....

    Congrats on new crib! Looks like the collection is growing. Like the easy venting ceiling :wsm: Bless your new home and family my friend!
  12. AlWielgosz

    Double jalapeño cheese burger

    Oh that looks soooo good right now! Still pretty raw weather here in upstate NY.
  13. AlWielgosz

    Birthday Gumbo

    It's all about that "BASE" no treble................. takes me about 30 minutes to get to chocolate............. I'm so afraid of burning it. Now I has to go make sum meself! Looks soooo good!
  14. AlWielgosz

    My search has ended

    Listen to Hoss as he speaks the truth....... I now have 15 Webers.......and yes I still check CL every day :o
  15. AlWielgosz

    My search has ended

    Very nice score!
  16. AlWielgosz

    New WSM Owner

    Welcome Charlie, I have a 22 WSM I ordered a gasket kit same time I ordered the WSM. I installed it while it was new and clean as you mentioned. I did the unit top and bottom and not the door...... quickly saw that was the weak spot for leaking and went ahead and did the door. I did not replace...
  17. AlWielgosz

    Sweet Sauce by Aaron Franklin

    Made this to use for my daughters 18th b day party tonight she has 30 friends coming tonight. Going to be used for dipping sauce for little meatballs. Finger lickin good!
  18. AlWielgosz

    We are still grilling and smoking....

    Tony I'll hit you up on FB tonight (EboAl)
  19. AlWielgosz

    26 vs 22?

    I got one for my 26 luv it!
  20. AlWielgosz

    Name That Kettle!

    Wow to funny...... I name all my Grills.....mostly after a music artist......ready for them..... my original Performer is Billy Joel...... my Genesis gasser.....Phil (Collins) 22 WSM...... Cheech 14 WSM Chong 22 3 wheeler Luigi (it's my pizza kettle) have a Q 100 I painted blue......Blues Q...