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  1. Kaz S

    Recipe Resurrection: Kaz's "Carnival Kebabs"

    Woo! Looking good!!!
  2. Kaz S

    Carnival Kabobs

    Thanks for posting your feedback on these! I love em!
  3. Kaz S

    Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots

    :cool: I need to do these again! You're right these disappear no matter how many you make. Thanks
  4. Kaz S

    Mushroom & Swiss Burger

    I have a theory that Burger King is actually good, but I've never been to one where the employees took pride in their work or gave a flip. Last time I went I got a double whopper. Both cheeses were stacked on the 2 patties, I complained to the manager, I watched them remake it again the same...
  5. Kaz S

    Weekend BB Ribs

    Cooked up some baby back ribs, and they were good. No foil used the Britu method.
  6. Kaz S

    Ribs, Greens, and Peas

    Crushed it! Those meaty ribs look soooo good!
  7. Kaz S

    Rib Roast pic

    Yeah it's fine. I read the warning label. Probably shouldn't eat off charcoal grill either. But we don't get all crazy overprotective, you start down that path and next thing you know your bubble wrapping your kid and they're allergic to everything. No thanks. But, I'll pass on your concern to...
  8. Kaz S

    Rib Roast pic

    Momma had a good check-up at the Baby Dr. - she's 8 month's pregnant now! So I celebrated with some good eating! I picked up a little 2 bone rib roast & seasoned it with Weber's Chicago Steak. Smoked it on the WSM with some mesquite at 225• for about a hour until it got up to 112 in the...
  9. Kaz S

    Ghot sauce

    I've been really liking the Try Me - Tiger Sauce, it is sweet and very mild and has sort of a Asian flavor. U can't really over do it with this sauce. So good, but sometimes I will add a few drops of something hotter to really bring it. And when I want a bit more heat I love High River Sauces -...
  10. Kaz S

    Why I Love My WSM

    I have the same therm in the lid of my wsm. I love that thermometer and my wsm too. My wsm is 24 years old and still cooks like new!
  11. Kaz S

    Fried Chicken Thighs

    JFC chicken! Jesus F'n Christ your John's Fried Chicken looks good!
  12. Kaz S

    Just cooking - seafood, no Weber product

    That's right, u gotta suck the heads to get all the flavor!
  13. Kaz S

    Just cooking - seafood, no Weber product

    That looks awesome! I'd eat all that as a appetizer while the performer heats up!
  14. Kaz S

    Weber Ranch kettle off of Craigslist.

    I know of a ranch being used as a fire pit. Here's a photo. The grill was too close to his garage and set his house on fire. No injuries, but, a pretty substantial loss. So he won't get rid of the grill and instead made it into this fire pit. He also has a wsm.
  15. Kaz S

    Another Weber Genesis 1000 restoration

    That sounds about right 10 Minutes to get right at 600. The times I cooked on it I used the pci grates. I did find some cast iron grates before I gave away, and I gave him both sets of grates. But I don't know if I cooked on it using the cast iron grates. But, I remember thinking the distance...
  16. Kaz S

    Another Weber Genesis 1000 restoration

    That grill has the 13 flavor bars right? I fixed up one about 3-4 months ago. With all those bars in I couldn't get the temp over 600 degrees. It was a treat to cook on just wasn't the greatest Steak Searing grill weber has made. I gave mine to a work friend who went to culinary school and he...
  17. Kaz S

    products from rcplanebuyer

    I bought a set of his grates and bars for my Mom's silver B about 2 years ago. They are holding up very well, and my Mom's BF really likes them. So naturally when my own e-320 with the East - West burners needed a new set of grates I went on the hunt for some from RCplanebuyer. Unfortunately I...
  18. Kaz S

    Lucky guy, found a tri

    I was shopping at Publix and found a tri-tip. Something special in these parts. Good size one too, look at it next to my hand. So I fired up the weber kettle. Using this dealey that my uncle bought me. It's a drillmaster heat gun. Gets the charcoal going in 5 minutes. Kinda similar to...
  19. Kaz S

    Grillin' in the Creek!

    I used method 2 (the screw method) seen HERE but I put my screws into the aluminum legs not through the kettle sockets.
  20. Kaz S

    Grillin' in the Creek!

    That is how it always is! No the canoer did not drag the bottom. It is an average of 2' deep maybe 4' on the far side from the bank. This depth is perfect for tubing as u can always stand up. U just float down on top of the tube, no problem. If anything the pics don't give justice to how white...