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  1. JimK

    Union Pacific's Big Boy #4014 schedule for 2021

    Great pics. Thanks for posting.
  2. JimK

    The Humor Thread

  3. JimK

    The Humor Thread

  4. JimK

    Homemade Italian sausage balls with San marzano gravy

    Looks awesome. Great wine too - I love Amarone
  5. JimK

    How about some good music links?

  6. JimK

    The Humor Thread

  7. JimK

    I Luv Cooking BBQ

    You should love it, you're really good at it.
  8. JimK

    Baby back ribs

    Wow, those look great!
  9. JimK

    What are you cooking for the 4th?

    What was your aperitif? We started with Aperol Spritz's yesterday. Nice and refreshing on a steamy day.
  10. JimK

    Getting frozen provisioning ready for the cottage trip

    There's something about vacation that gets me really thinking in advance about cooking. We go to the Outer Banks in NC every year with some friends of ours. The Dads love to cook (and make cocktails), so we get excited about planning the menu and prepping ahead to make it easy and more relaxing.
  11. JimK

    The Humor Thread

  12. JimK

    Chardonnay question

    If I'm buying chardonnay, it's unoaked. Many are just too over the top for me with oak, and Sur lie aging which makes them too creamy/buttery and taste like a 2x4. An unoaked, stainless steel fermented chardonnay is quite nice though.
  13. JimK


    I agree w/ 350. Cook to 155, then coast to 160 while resting.
  14. JimK

    What are you cooking for the 4th?

    Heat index in the triple digits today. I'm staying inside. Guy Fieri's sloppy joes on the menu. I can make 'em this morning, then just reheat on the stove when company arrives.
  15. JimK

    Faux Potjiekos in a WSM

  16. JimK

    I think I'll start my diet next week

    Great start to the holiday and more great eats on the way!
  17. JimK

    Brown sugar bourbon chops.

    Whoa! 🤯 Recipe?
  18. JimK

    Pizza time

    Pizza with a view. Looks great!
  19. JimK

    Chicken Thighs on the SF

    Good looking bird parts.
  20. JimK

    Full grill

    Great summer meal!