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    HeaterMeter 4.2 giveaway

    Congrats and now it is time to celebrate your victory with some BBQ! :)
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    HM 4.2.4 3D Printed Case

    Nice work gentlemen!
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    HeaterMeter wireless discussion

    I wonder if it is a resource limitation? In other words, I wonder if both interfaces are competing for the same buffer space... Yupper, the ultimate solution would be for the device to simultaneously operate in both modes, Otherwise, this is still great news! I'll try the wireless config...
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    HeaterMeter wireless discussion

    Based on Bryan's and Ralph's recommendation, I received my WU715N wifi dongle today. At first, I could not get it to run on LinkMeter v10 software. However, a quick update to LinkMeter v11, and the WU715N came right up. With minimal testing (via the OpenWrt GUI), I had my HM configured to...
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    HeaterMeter wireless discussion

    Gentlemen, I like the direction this thread is going! I think the key is, "What does the HM do when it detects a wifi dongle?" This detection could be caused by a HM reboot or a wifi dongle being inserted. I would imagine this operation: 1) A dongle is detected. 2) HM searches 30 secs for wifi...
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    HeaterMeter wireless discussion

    Great news. I will order the device and perform some testing.
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    Need help troubleshooting HM 4.1.4

    The suspense is killing me... what was wrong?
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    HeaterMeter wireless discussion

    Well, "craptastic" is certainly one word for it. :) I'll be interested in looking at the v11 release. Thanks for the heads-up.
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    HeaterMeter wireless discussion

    I have built a couple of v4.1.4 HMs. One of them is for my personal use at home, and it works great. However, I have several friends clamoring to use my "spare" HM. I don't want to go over to their house, and go through the process of connecting the HM to their wireless network... and so on...
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    Need help with Mouser's website

    Je moet op de Duitse vlag pictogram op de bovenste precies waar je de taal te selecteren en het zal je naar een VS pagina. :)
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    Care of 3d printed cases

    I just received a couple of great cases for my v4.1.4 HM. (Thanks Tom!) What is the melting point of this plastic? When using the HM around a heat source, should I be worried about melting the case? (Just incase I use my HM around something hot... like... oh, I don't know... maybe a grill or...
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    Another probe prob

    On your J2 probe connector, what is the voltage between pins 1 and 2? (pin 1 is ground, pin 2 is your pit probe voltage.) With no probe inserted, this voltage should be about 3.3v. Insert your probe, the voltage should drop. (how much depends on the probe temperature.) Drop you probe in a glass...
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    Heater Meter V4.2.3 build questions

    I have question/suggestion about the 4.2.x board layout. Forgive me as I make an assumption too... In 4.2.x, the RJ-45 connector is also used for fan/servo connections (My assumption is that it is just like the 4.1.4 layout). Thus, the 4.2.x design uses only 4 of the 8 available pins in the...
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    Looking for advice on using HM with solid state relay

    Sounds like really good insight. Thanks. I believe the hysteresis built into the SSR will keep the heating element from cycling on/off (which was my main concern). I'll let you know how it goes. Again, thanks for the help...
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    How many Heatermeter/Raspi built so far

    I have build 3 HMs (v4.1.4). Using Tom's great case(s). Sharing with friends!
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    Looking for advice on using HM with solid state relay

    Since I have an electric smoker, I will need to use the HM with a solid state relay (SSR). I have used SSRs on other projects. So I know the basics. However, I am worried about the variable rate fan output causing some unexpected results (when connected to a SSR). Are there HM config setting...
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    Heatermeter 4.1.4

    I built a HM v4.1.4 this week. I performed some initial tests in our indoor oven. I am using two maverick et-73 meat probes. I have installed the ambient thermistor too (on Food probe 3). The ambient temp readings are always about 8 degrees higher than the probe temperatures (at room temp). So...
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    Expected WiFi range

    My wifi signal is on my second floor. It travels 70 feet through several walls (including a brick wall) with no problem. Per common specifications, a wifi signal should reach ~100 ft in an indoor environment (farther outdoor). I am assuming that you are using a modern wifi access point. If you...
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    Heatermeter 4.1 Troubles

    OK. So, it does not appear to be a problem with the rPi. It does appear to be a problem with the 3.3v supply. I see lots of solder flakes on your board. Make sure you don't have any solder bridges (I could not see any in your pictures). The polarity of your caps look to be correct. (Particularly...