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  1. Bruno

    Anyone have the igrill 3? I have a new one, wouldn't the rubber melt?

    They get pretty dirty I removed mine. The new small ones like in Dan’s picture are better.
  2. Bruno

    Couple recent ones

    Awesome! My oldest just turned 13 it’s mind blowing. He’s in such a hurry to be a man. Scary. The 10 year old is still a kid but we now know how fast that’s gonna go. Food looks great now I want a pool!
  3. Bruno

    Pork belly burnt ends and pork steaks

    Damn that looks good.
  4. Bruno

    Kirkland Signature Charcoal Briquettes

    Saw that, wish it was oak.
  5. Bruno

    I Luv Cooking BBQ

    Well **** Harry ain’t putting out briskets that looks like that. That looks amazing, i hope you get a chance to team up with Harry.
  6. Bruno

    Announcing the Ultimate Classic Weber Mega CLEARANCE SALE!!!

    Funny story for you Jon, my brother asked about some grates for his 310, I guided him to the 9mm Quilmetal ones, he calls me an hour after receiving them, do I season them? Some guy named Jon Tofte says to wash them and heat them up, and get to it. I said “well trust that man.” It made me laugh...
  7. Bruno

    Feedback and guidance on a replacement 5 ton HVAC, with AC being most important.

    We just signed our contract finally on our rebuild. We are going with AC, even here, with everything getting hotter it seems like a must. Not sure which size as our home is smaller. I’ve installed some mini splits for work but don’t like the way they look.
  8. Bruno

    Testing a smoker tube

    That $13 torch that was going around a while back is an impressive unit.
  9. Bruno

    Weber Q Smoke box & trivet set alternative

    I cooked a full meal on the Q-320 Sunday, I was tired but wanted to feed the family. It came out pretty damn good. Such great grills. I’m a huge fan of the Weber grates.
  10. Bruno

    Skyline 1200 Restoration

    From what I’ve seen it’s a done deal. Good luck.
  11. Bruno

    Skyline 1200 Restoration

    Green lid, sappy walnut, this sounds like your perfect grill on the way.
  12. Bruno

    Made a wood door mat.

    Dog ramp. Nice, you can flip it over and use as a cutting board when needed.
  13. Bruno

    Thighs and potatoes with garlic aioli mustard and asparagus

    Love that garlic mustard sauce. Great looking food, will try on asparagus soon. Had potatoes and asparagus last night, the sauce in the fridge, didn’ think to mix them.
  14. Bruno

    What are you cooking for the 4th?

    Took the kids out of town for the 4th. Santa Cruz, Holy **** we thought fireworks were loud up here. Great to be home, Doing some lamb and steaks tomorrow.
  15. Bruno

    What are you cooking for the 4th?

    Hahahaha Larry! I love the deal guy’s Costco runs.
  16. Bruno

    My new (nearly new old stock) Genesis 1000

    Man you guys are making me want one of these. That’s a heck of a score.
  17. Bruno

    Grilled sausage and tortellini with lemon pesto

    Looks perfect. Great pics, I’m adding that lemon pesto to my shopping list.
  18. Bruno

    It's getting hot in California

    Hmmm maybe I don’t move when I retire.
  19. Bruno

    HH brisket.

    Looking to get my hands on a point soon. I just don’t see them much.
  20. Bruno

    Tuesday Brisket

    Hell yeah!!