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  1. SteveF (Alpine)

    Pizza Friday

    Very nice!! Man do we love pizza. Furthest we’ve ever gone is 72 hours, but pretty much stick to a 24 hour poolish recipe lately. Since you like fontina, you should try no sauce per se fontina, heavy cream, prosciutto and fresh dill. Divine 🤤
  2. SteveF (Alpine)

    Wally World Charcoal Selection

    None available locally in San Diego but I was able to order 6 bags online. We’ll see if they show😜
  3. SteveF (Alpine)

    Smokefire Personal Pan Pizza... ala pizza hut

    WOW! Looks awesome, thats one of our favorite ways to make pizza!
  4. SteveF (Alpine)

    Blackstone griddle on the Weber

    Thanks, it’ll actually sit on the ledges in lieu of the grates or on top of them. If you look real close you can see the two different heights in the pic. I got tired of taking the grates out and storing them, so now i just leave the griddle on top of the grates. There’s so much real estate, I...
  5. SteveF (Alpine)

    Blackstone griddle on the Weber

    Yes absolutely. I fabbed my own griddle for the Summit out of 1/4” hot rolled steel. It weighs about 80 pounds😳 with the SmokeFire doing pretty much all the grilling, we keep the griddle set up on the Summit full time.
  6. SteveF (Alpine)

    Is The Smokefire a Failure or Success and What Proves It?

    We use Pit Boss Competition Blend pretty much exclusively in ours. They’re $15 for a 40 pound, not 20 pound bag at Wally World and they’re awesome 👍🔥
  7. SteveF (Alpine)

    New Member of the Smokefire 2 Year Club

    Congratulations!!! Eleven more days will mark our two year anniversary. I know we’ve been extremely lucky, but in these nearly two years, hundreds of pounds of pellets and I’m sure hundreds of hours of use, we can count the problems we’ve experienced on one hand: it’s gone out on it’s own twice...
  8. SteveF (Alpine)

    Here we go! Prime Brisket on the SmokeFire🔥!

    Watching impatiently :D Good luck! Our last prime from Costco started out at 16.25. I put it in the smokefire at 8:00am at 275 and we were eating at 5:00 even after a 1-2 hour rest wrapped in a million kitchen towels for insulation 👍
  9. SteveF (Alpine)

    $20 mini Performer in San Diego

    Not sure how legit this is, probably not...
  10. SteveF (Alpine)

    Browned butter snickerdoodles

    Those look AWESOME!! One of our favorites is browned butter blondies too.
  11. SteveF (Alpine)

    Basque Chorizo “Dogs” on the SmokeFire

    We first tried Kozlik’s when we spent a weekend in Toronto and Niagara Falls for our anniversary. Now we buy it factory direct when they have sales. They have a mailing list you can get on.
  12. SteveF (Alpine)

    Basque Chorizo “Dogs” on the SmokeFire

    You forgot Canadian maple😜
  13. SteveF (Alpine)

    Basque Chorizo “Dogs” on the SmokeFire

    Mmmmm poutine 🤤
  14. SteveF (Alpine)

    Saturday Spare Ribs

    Looks awesome! Love that bicolor sweet corn!
  15. SteveF (Alpine)

    Heritage Pork Chops with Apples and Onion

    Wow, that looks truly incredible!!! We need some pork chops!
  16. SteveF (Alpine)

    Basque Chorizo “Dogs” on the SmokeFire

    Started with some fresh chorizo sausages from Rancho Llano Seco and grilled up some sweet peppers and onions. Grilled them on the SmokeFire at about 350 with pit boss competition blend pellets. Slathered a couple buns with the best mustard in the world, Kozlik’s and added the onions & peppers...
  17. SteveF (Alpine)

    What Brand of Pellets?

    These are our “go to” pellets as well. One observation I have and it’s purely cosmetic, is these pellets vary dramatically in color from bag to bag. Some super light, some super dark. I never notice any difference in flavor or smoke... Two bags mixed together:
  18. SteveF (Alpine)

    Picked up an older performer.

    Awesome! Don’t really see deals like that in SoCal... Enjoy your newest acquisition!!
  19. SteveF (Alpine)

    Charcoal brand

    Were still nursing or supply of Stubb’s, but I've heard the Trader Joe’s is good stuff although we’ve never tried it. Not sure if you have Trader Joe’s in your area.
  20. SteveF (Alpine)

    it was going so well..... any tips on de-soldering?

    This would be my first approach as well. The burn doesn’t look that bad to me. I would start by trimming off the melted plastic and then maybe some X-acto clean up work in the sockets. Used to have a hot air desolder station. That’ll Spoil ya...