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    For CAT lovers

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    Income Tax Day :oops:
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    *raise hand 👋
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    Interesting Lobster

    The Lobster House is great. I go every time I'm back in Jersey. (y)
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    Coffee Beans what's in your grinder ???

    I get this sent to me in Wisconsin from New Jersey, because Wisconsin coffee sucks. We would drink Wawa coffee on the bus on the way to high school. I was really bummed when I moved here and couldn't get it. I make it by the pot in one of these
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    Would you try this?

    I'd try it. Might make for a different flavor. I've eaten weirder things :D
  7. MikeB

    Anyone else's Weather as Totally Messed up as Ours?

    -7F with -20 to -30 wind chills. yippie :rolleyes:
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    For CAT lovers

    I now keep the bedroom door closed at night. Sleep has always been a problem for me, but the cat decided several times a night it would be fun to jump on the bed and knead my face. Just my face. A coworker said DO NOT let the cat get in that habit. Now the cat charges and butts the bedroom...
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    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    Currently reading this. Pretty boring, I know ;)
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    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    Great series!
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    For CAT lovers

    It has been an interesting month as a first-time cat owner... 99.8% of the time she is a good cat. Fun to get to know and play with. The other .2% she is an a--hole ;) Just looking for ways to get in trouble or be annoying :) But I hear that's what cats do. I made this picture with a...
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    indoor tv antenna

    Streamer here also. Check out the website for estimated stations in your area.(I used the location in your profile) I'm quite a bit more rural in northern Wisconsin and I was surprised at the number of stations I was able to grab with one of those cheap-o flat square antennas...
  13. MikeB

    Mason Jar Sealer Attachments for Vacuum Sealers On Sale $10

    Figures, I just ordered this earlier this week at regular price :mad:
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    For CAT lovers

    Yes, I am now Slave to Her Highness, Giver of Scritches, Master of the Litterbox. :LOL:
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    For CAT lovers

    Thanks, I have 3:) It was a kit. It took me 4 or 5 hours to assemble, taking my time. I guess she likes it here(y)
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    For CAT lovers

    Just adopted this little girl yesterday. First time cat owner. Immediately not afraid to make herself comfortable.
  17. MikeB

    A warning about the dangers of digital

    "So I bought a .44 magnum it was solid steel cast, And in the blessed name of Elvis well I just let it blast, 'Til my TV lay in pieces there at my feet, And they busted me for disturbing the almighty peace."
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    You know you're getting old when...

    GLadstone7- was the prefix for the company my dad work for in Philly :). Not sure how long that one was active.
  19. MikeB

    Venting time!!!

    Hmm, it's almost like I wrote that sentence myself! (y)