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    WSM 22 Inch

    Thanks Darren
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    WSM 22 Inch

    I have been out of the smoking scene for a few years but have owned two WSM's and loved them. I just bought a new 22 inch WSM and it's assembled. I've read about the gasket mod's etc. for the lid and door. Most all the posts were regarding "LEAKS" of air, smoke to help with temp control. In my...
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    Kingsford Competition charcoal - Costco

    Home Depot has their 2X20 pound Kingsford Original on sale starting today, $12,79 with NO LIMIT. I've used it for years with great results and I sure don't put lighter fluid on it. They have not been in business for decades because they have bad stuf, and we could debate this forever. I'm sure...
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    DigiQ DX2 on a WSM 22"

    Scott C. What "Stand" are you talking about ? The stainless steel stand for the controller ? I have found it works GREAT for the little controller.....if that's what we are talking about. On a second note, I think you should ALWAYS put the silicone plug into the smoker where the fan goes after...
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    Conclusion of 1st Smoke on 22.5 & Questions

    I just sold an 18 1/2 inch WSM and I ALWAYS left all the vents fully closed except the top vent. I do use a DigiQ DX2 GURU Temp controller and it would NAIL the temp at whatever I set it, as long as I left the top vent about 1 /2 open, but no more. I did my first smoke on my 22 1/2 inch WSM this...
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    clay pot method?

    Thanks Gary S. I do foil my water pan and the clay saucer. I'm going to just use one saucer and foil it and the pan. Those clay saucers are expensive so I'd put it in the water pan. I paid $15.00 each at Lowe's yesterday for two (2) clay saucers. That's as big as they carry in the clay saucers...
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    Pimp My Smoker Wheel Mod

    I bought 3 inch casters for my new 22 1/2 inch WSM yesterday at Lowe's. I plant to drill a hole in the bottom of each leg and insert the stud and bolt them on. I have no reason to think it will be unstable, and I also wonder why these "platforms" are being built to mount the casters to then sit...
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    clay pot method?

    Clay Saucers I just stepped up to a 22 1/2 incher from an 18 1/2 inch WSM. I went to Lowe's and bought two (2) 16 inch clay saucers ($15.00 each) to have one as a spare if I ever broke one. To my dismay, the thing literally sits in the bottom of the water pan, unlike the 18 1/2 which sat at...
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    The Great Debate: 18 or 22?

    18 or 22 WSM If a few pieces of charcoal are dictating which one to buy, I'd get a gas grill and stop worrying about the "FUEL BURN." If you are going to be a bear, BE GRIZZLY ! Don't pinch pennies and worry about a small amount of charcoal. Just my thinking anyway ! ;)
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    Wipe down lid lip after each use?

    I've had numerous issues with my lid sticking to the cooking barrel. Chris gave me a good tip to wipe both surfaces off after each smoke, while it is still warm, with some white vinegar or some degreaser. I put LOT'S of wood on my grill, and I LOVE to see a LOT of smoke coming out. IT will come...
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    About to bite the bullet - deal on 18.5 WSM

    You can get a brand new one for $299 if this one doesn't work out. I sold my 3-year old 18 1/2 in one day on craigslist for $150. Had two people fighting over it. I guess I priced it too cheap huh ? Good luck.
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    Buying a WSM off Craigslist- any potential concerns?

    Bryan, spend another $99.00 and get a brand new one. That should aleviate any concerns. If you don't want to spend another $99.00, then just act like you don't know anything about a WSM and ask him "Do you just put charcoal lighter in there and fire it up?" See what he says. For your purpose I'd...
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    The Great Debate: 18 or 22?

    Easy decision, 22 1/2 is the only way to go. I sold my 18 1/2 yesterday and get my 22 1/2 Monday, all for the "Cons" reason you gave. I got tired of having to trim down my ribs and not having room for a big brisket......for the difference in money, the 22 1/2 is the ONLY way to go. I enjoyed my...
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    Move'rs Dolly on my WSM

    Could one buy a total of three (3) casters and mount one on each of the three (3) legs instead of having so many wheels ? Maybe it's four (4) legs, not (3), I'm not outside looking. I'd love to put wheels on my new 22 1/2 WSM.
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    My Choice of Mods for My 22 WSM, Thanks to This Forum and You Good People

    Gene.............where did you buy the stainless high air-flow charcoal grate and mesh ? Does Weber sell that ? I love it, and you did a great job.
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    Nomex Seal - Should I put it on the door or the WSM?

    Can anyone tell me where to get NOMEX SEAL ? I may not have found it on this site yet, but I'ld love to put some sort of seal around the LID on my WSM due to build up of creosote and gunk which sometimes makes it a chore to get the lid off during a smoke. Can anyone direct me to a location or...
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    Harry Soo's Water Pan

    I use the foiled clay plate, and always have, just as a first defense of catching the drippings. After all, they cost about $5.00 bucks at Lowe's, so it's worked well for me for about 3 years I've been using it. I will say if you don't refoil it fairly often, the thing gets pretty hard to...
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    Silicone covers for probe leads?

    I wonder if using high-temp aluminum tape wrapped around the cables would work ? Also, where would one get the silicone fuel line to protect them ? I'm not familiar with what you are talking about ? Thanks, George
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    Harry Soo's Water Pan

    I want to buy a clay plate to foil and lay on top of my water pan on a new 22 1/2 inch WSM but I don't know the diameter yet. Does anybody know ? Also, on the 22 1/2 WSM, is there plenty of room to load it up with charcoal without having to get a much more shallow water pan ? I've heard there is...
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    Harry Soo's Water Pan

    Does anyone know what diameter clay plate the 22 1/2 inch Weber uses to foil and sit on top of the water pan for an easy clean up ? I have the diameter of the 18 1/2 but am buying a 22 1/2 and would like to get a clay plate to lay on top of the water pan. I have NEVER used water. It just messes...