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    Need Advice On a HeaterMeter Setup for WSM 18

    Bowl here means the bottom section of the WSM. There’s no dog bowl involved.
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    Need Advice On a HeaterMeter Setup for WSM 18

    Bought everything off Bryan's store. Everything works well. The blower components come apart a little to easily for me (not enough friction in the friction fit) I'm looking at ways to improve this, maybe zip tying it together or idk, hasn't really been an issue in practice stays together just...
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    Heatermeter Alarm Call

    Feel like I followed Steve’s post in this thread with good results.
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    What mods are worth the $$$

    Step drill bits. For metal. Painters tape on the area. I’ve put 4 holes for the lid hinge. And recently 4 more for handles and a 3/4 hole in the base for an air burner set up. All without issue. No chipping. so far as tipping with the hinge. ive always just aligned the hinge with one of...
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    It's all 3/4" except fitting attached to the blower which is a 1->3/4" reducer. It's all friction fit but I may end up soldering the joints external to the smoker. If needed.
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    Instructions for the SMD part?

    Is this a new 4.3/4.2 board? And are you referencing the thermocouple components? My understanding, and experience assembling a 4.3, is the thermocouple components come premounted to the board.
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    Air burner mod def a success. This is, so far, steadier than the kitchen Oven. 18lb brisket jammed into the top.
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    Oh man. Installed a lid and door gasket on my WSM. Built an air burner. Drilled a 7/8” hole in the bottom of the bowl. Did a test burn today with 1/4 bag of KBB. Empty water pan. Ran it up to 325 cooked some thighs. Then back to 225 just to see what’s what. default PID. 40% max fan above...
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    Cannot access HM

    Make sure you have the right version os for the Pi and HM board. When I saw the rainbow screen last week on my initial build it was due to version mismatches. Once I matched up this os to the pi that screen went away.
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    Looking for 3D printed port cover for 4.3 case

    I've got a 4.3 case with a Pi Zero W. As such I've got 2 USB and 1 RJ45 port looking empty. Was wondering if anyone has or would be willing to print a piece(s) that would "plug in" to those slots to close them up. Obviously I'd be happy to compensate for the materials/labor/shipping. Thanks.
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    Heatermeter boot up problems

    Try adjusting the potentiometer did you try accessing the assigned IP from a browser? the boot up “looks” hung (especially if you are used to booting into a command prompt), I had a similar *** moment earlier. See my recent “DELETE ME” thread a few lines below yours. But it’s not...
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    Post your live HeaterMeter Cooks

    First heatermeter run. Many thanks to this community what an amazing piece of kit. Now I just need to figure out this PID business.... anyway. The 24hr. 18.5 WSM. The bit on the left is my test run. The cook went pretty smooth. I think that temp spike must’ve been a piece of smoke wood...
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    DELETE ME - Boot stuck at "10.988428 IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): wlan0: link becomes ready

    Heatermeter board 4.3 Raspberry Pi 3b+ OS. DevSnapshot - Raspberry Pi 2 / 3/ 3A+ / 3B+ Wireless mode: tried with Client but had similar result now using "default (Heatermeter AP)" Powered over micro usb port on the Pi board itself. LOL. Apparently I'm dumber than I thought... Seems to be...
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    Can I swap out the PI?

    Just completed assembling my HM 4.3. Still waiting for my Pi Zero W to arrive that will ultimately be the config. But obviously i'm itching to check my work... I have an old 3b+ laying around I assume I can safely do a first boot with the 3B+ to test/verify the build and then swap out to the...
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    What mods are worth the $$$

    My 18" is from 2006. I cut a slot for the probe wires and added the SS hinge. That hinge is a game changer and I consider it a must have. Everything else i've seen, for me, falls into a nice to have.
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    Replacement vent hints?

    I had no issue just drilling out the rivet with a small metal bit. no hammer or any extra help needed to remove it after drilling out the center. Don't recall if I went inside out or outside in. probably the former. once you drill out the head of the rivet the damper basically falls out
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    17lb Brisket. What do!

    Thanks. I'll give it a shot. This is the weirdest looking brisket I've ever seen. Maybe it look more reasonable after I take it out of the vacuum pack. Looks actually over-trimmed. For context so people don't think I'm a total idiot, just a partial idiot. Donated a BBQ dinner to my...
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    17lb Brisket. What do!

    Long story short. I ordered a 10lb brisket. Paid by CC over the phone for a friend to pick-up. When I called to pay with CC they were busy and hadn't put my bill together. Fine. I'll give you the number you charge it. Well. My friend shows up with a 17lb brisket. ***. I have to cook...
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    Whole Hog Cinder Block Pit Question

    Yeah def. something I would look to do with him in the future when I can compensate him for his time. But it's def. a bit more involved. (and I just met the guy recently). But he's certainly up for the task. I can see contracting him to make a reverse flow stick burner for me down the road...
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    Whole Hog Cinder Block Pit Question

    Gearing up to do a whole hog on Memorial Day. I am building a Cinder block pit and have some questions about air flow and constructing the top. (also this is my first time round with whole hog so any tips/lessons learned are appreciated). Friend fabricated a pretty sweet grate as seen here...