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    KKruger,Blues Hog Clone

    This is a carefully considered and greatly sanitized comment about not only this particular topic but on many other recent threads related to cloning recipes. I am aware this will get me booted from this site but I have to speak out before I go. I've known Bill Arnold, the owner of Blues...
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    Gimme a reason, please

    If you decide to get a Kamado, Richard, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it, in spite of our carefully reasoned arguments. And I hope nobody gets their knickers in a knot over this thread. If I had the space to store one, I'd happily add a ceramic to my collection. Ken
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    Gimme a reason, please

    A hernia when you try to lift it.
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    First timer questions

    To nip any misinterpretation or just plain wrong info in the bud, you do NOT have to be a member of KCBS in order to compete at a KCBS-sanctioned contest. Anybody who puts a team together and pays the entry fee is welcome to participate. I can't speak for any such requirements from other...
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    Potential WSM 18.5 owner: ???? re : water bowl????

    I can't resist this one. If your name is Bobby Flayk (or aspire to be just like him), then the water bowl sits directly on top of the coals. For the rest of us who aren't internationally famous mega-weenies, the bowl rests on the bottom lip of the bracket and the lower cooking grate sits on...
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    Is that a brisket?

    Briskets are labeled as such, so none of what you saw were brisket. I've found the supply of briskets at Sam's varies by location. My nearest one rarely has more than six whole packers and an equal number of flats to pick from. The Sam's in Des Moines (two hours away) generally has dozens to...
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    Aldi filets

    I'm right there with you. Sometimes, I've had some very pleasant surprises when grilling steaks from Aldi's. Other times, they turned out pretty much as I expected. I generally use their steaks when it's going to be co-starring with other ingredients, such as in a steak salad with pickled...
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    Pulled beef

    There shouldn't be much difference with the smaller cut. Follow the same basic guidelines given for the hunk and you'll be fine. It's been a while simce I've smoked any beef chuck but I seem to remember it took in the neighborhood of two and half hours per pound to get to the pulling stage...
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    Ribs with bacon/belly still attached

    I would trim them down to the tradional spare or down even further to St Louis cut and cook them separately from the ribs. The lower belly portions will contain a lot more fat to render out so their cooking time will be longer than that of the ribs. The trimmings make a tasty snack for the...
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    Cure salt needed for beef Jerky?

    If you're making the jerky just to snack on at home over a couple of days, the cure is not necessary. If you're making it ahead for longer term consumption later, use the cure for an extra margin of safety. HTH
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    Break in period for OTS 22

    No break-in or seasoning is necessary with the WSM since it's porcelain coated inside and out. No porous steel to absorb odors. Some will claim a new one will run a little hotter those first few cooks but I've bought into that belief. Also, a little smoke leaking from around the joints is...
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    Jeff, Yep. The Weber kettle on steriods is called a Magnum but I've lost track of the site where its construction plans are detailed. Maybe somebody has the link. Otherwise, you should be able to do a search for it. HTH!
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    Smoking links

    Your time and temperature are pretty much in the ballpark. With sausages also I like to bring them up to near the target temperature them grill them over direct heat for a couple of minutes to give the casings a bit of char and character but that's a completely optional step. Enjoy! Ken
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    Cooking time for 4 butts

    The answer to your question is Yes, but I'm not saying to which question. Due to the mass of cold meat going into the smoker, it will take just a little longer to cook four butts than it takes to do one. When you go to a two hour movie with three friends, does it take eight hours to watch the...
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    Left Handed Cows and Brisket

    The story of the miracle meat that is the left handed brisket has been out for at least 10 or 12 years and its fable gets rediscovered and makes another round every couple of years. It's been a while but if memory serves, left handed brisket goes great with a side order of freshly caught snipe...
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    Beer at Comps

    Contests that don't allow alcohol in any form are relatively rare but they do exist, particularly down in the Souf. The prohibition may be due to the location of the venue, such as a city park, where local ordinances are in effect. Then there are also contests like The Jack, which are held...
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    Red, White, & BBQ - Westmont, IL

    I miss seeing the Memphis in Mundelein neon sign in the middle of the night. Good luck at Westmont! Ken
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    Miscellaneous/Anything Butt Entry

    Dave, A couple of points come to mind from my experience working as a rep with contest organizers over the years. Everything you find online about open categories is totally irrelevant to this contest so give up on that quest before you confuse yourself into a worried and conflicted frenzy...
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    HELP !!!!

    Dale, Yep, I do have a CTO with the sliding racks. It was born on 4/7/07 in Cape Girardeau according to the date that is welded into the side wall of the cooking chamber. It is one of the first generation models with the firebox on the right side and the bigger cabinet housing the...
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    HELP !!!!

    I've had a CTO for four years and am still thrilled with it. I use about 8 pounds of lump during an overnight cook. I don't think you could to wrong with one. They are thermostatically set to max out in the 310-320 range so they're limited in that regard for high heat cooks but they're...