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  1. LMichaels

    Surprise Pork Butt cook

    Sounds great, you may want to look for sightly higher internal temps. Last 2 I've done I went for 205 internal and they were both light years better (even though the ones done to 195ish) were very good, that made the texture more suitable for slicing, rather than that fall apart, melt in your...
  2. LMichaels

    Prime Ribeye Caps back at my Costco

    What has the type of grill used got to do with liking these caps or not?
  3. LMichaels

    Blasting and Powdercoating Genesis 1000 Stuff

    Yeah, same here. Don't use it
  4. LMichaels

    Curb Alert !!!

    Both of those are truly unicorns. You guys need to snap those up especially at those giveaway prices
  5. LMichaels

    Curb Alert !!!

    Man he's giving that thing away. Especially it's nearly mint
  6. LMichaels

    Chef IQ smart thermometer for Fathers day

    I find the TempSpike easier to use overall (mostly due to the app), but I like the fact the IQ is Bluetooth and WIFI not just BT. So I can see it wherever I am. They're also thinner, and easier to clean as if the head gets wet you're not screwed like Spike. But the app on the Q is so busy and...
  7. LMichaels

    Chef IQ smart thermometer for Fathers day

    Yep, I got 2 sets $79 ea. Back to $99 now
  8. LMichaels

    Grinder Dilemma

    Called KA today. Said it definitely sounds faulty. But replacement is on 4 - 6 week backorder. He suggested to go ahead and do an exchange with Amazon :D
  9. LMichaels

    Wings - need advice.

    Yes, but the majority is L&S. Now TBH have never had a desire to even bother trying a L&S start to finish. 1, I do wings precisely because I want to have some crisp skin and spicy eats. But I also want them tender and smoky. So L&S until almost safely edible then crank the heat until finished.
  10. LMichaels

    Wings - need advice.

    BS. I do L&S then finish hot. Tender, juicy, well rendered and crisp.
  11. LMichaels

    Chef IQ smart thermometer for Fathers day

    Yep, got them on sale at Costco. Like it a lot. The app is a little too busy on the GUI but they're very effective. Bought 2 of the doubles like this. One set for me, other for SIL for his b/day
  12. LMichaels

    Wings - need advice.

    I do them in the pellet grills. Smoke until about half done, then crank to 400 or so, until crisp and done. Perfect
  13. LMichaels

    Has anyone tried to make clear ice

    Hmm, quite interesting. Then I would not need to separate the water feeds in two. (one RO, one high filtered). But, it means something else to put in freezer LOL
  14. LMichaels

    Current Situation

    I've never seen ones that were injected at Sam's or Costco. Heck never seen them even pre-rubbed. Now, Costco sells ribs pre-rubbed. Not Sam's though
  15. LMichaels

    Hopper hand guard grid

    Yep, both mine are gone.
  16. LMichaels

    Which paint to use for restoring a Weber gas grill?

    Mark, and all you other restorers et al out there who do a lot of restoring/painting. If you already have an air compressor maybe have a go to Harbor Freight. Grab yourself maybe one of ea of these...
  17. LMichaels

    Current Situation

    Even if it didn't make any difference I can't see any benefit to foiling the deflector. Cleaning mine takes me all of MAYBE 5 min. So even if I save myself from cleaning it. Then I have to spend 20 to 30 min trying to fit new foil over the silly thing
  18. LMichaels

    Thinking About Espresso

    A question for those of you who may be far more expert in the art than I am. I recently bought naked bottomless portafilters for them. A 51mm for the Casabrews and a 58mm for the KitchenAid. Overall I rarely have any difficulty with them but I've noted especially brewing with the KA, it has a...
  19. LMichaels

    Pizza stones crack if used in the gas grill?

    Maybe bolt on a couple handles