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  1. Rick Body

    Pulled Pork Crust

    Here is a cook I did where I cut a butt in quarters and cooked it up. The pieces were moist and of course had more crust since there were more pieces. I did wrap the butts for a while and put in a cooler after they were done. I say go for it. I am going to go this again but I would recommend a...
  2. Rick Body

    Scored a Genesis

    I have the same one Ted, got it off CL also. Youre gonna love it
  3. Rick Body

    small butt?

    I cut up a 5 lb butt into 4 pieces last week and they came out great. I did wrap them in foil for at least an hour AFTER they were done and put them in a cooler to rest. Not dry at all so you should be good. One thing I learned, more pieces = more bark, yum
  4. Rick Body

    My kitchen is a mess

    I have the same problem S.T. Although a lot of times I have rub premaid, I still end up with a mess. If I am doing ribs, I have the back film everywhere, and rub and plates and pans and...... Unfortunately I don't have anyone to help me, but I also don't have anyone to complain. So I just make...
  5. Rick Body

    Non Traditional Pork Butt Experiment

    It was close with the hot sauce and the Italian dressing. The hot sauce had a nice kick that some people might not like in their BBQ, and the Italian dressing just gave the butt a nice flavor without overpowering it. If I was to make one for myself, I would do the hot sauce, but if I cook for...
  6. Rick Body

    I Am Blessed

    Nothing like a smoked/grilled sausage with some beer
  7. Rick Body

    Pizza again

    Nate, you and I must cook pizza on the same day a lot. I did two yesterday as well, took a bunch of pics in the process then screwed up the first one. (too long of a story) Yours looks great pizza dood!
  8. Rick Body

    The Mini-Za Oven

    If it kicks out good pizza and 'Q, who cares if its hot pink with yellow flames......ok maybe not
  9. Rick Body

    Converting from NG to LP-worth it?

    Just to add to the insurance debate, since I am a fireman..... in my department, unless there was a death caused by the fire (god forbid), they probably wouldn't investigate to the point of determining that the grill was a conversion. Just knowing that the grill started the fire would be enough...
  10. Rick Body

    JohnHernry's Big Daddy's Smokehouse Rub

    Ya, I think that whatever you put on the meat to get the rub to stick to doesn't make much difference. I use spicy mustard and recently tried chipotle mayonnaise (which works on small chunks of fried fish and meat) and still didn't taste anything but the rub
  11. Rick Body

    Non Traditional Pork Butt Experiment

    Thanks all. It was definitely worth the experiment. They didn't come out dry but I wrapped all of them when I pulled them off for at least an hour (which helped darken them up too, but softened the bark). I will probably do the hot sauce and the Italian dressing one again because they really...
  12. Rick Body

    New, to me, Performer

    That's a heck of a deal. Being patient on CL really pays off most of the time. But it really is a shame how "smart" people can be sometimes, especially when there's a whole book of directions, plus the internet to teach you anything you want to know about something you bought. Guess it worked...
  13. Rick Body

    Weber flavorizer bars vs aftermarket bars

    I don't know much about the bars, but she sure is PRETTTTYYYY
  14. Rick Body

    Do more racks of ribs require more wood chunks

    For some reason, my food never tastes smoky to me and I use plenty of wood. I read a thread about your nose getting desensitized after cooking all day around the smoke. Did your food taste less smoky to you, or to everyone that ate it?
  15. Rick Body

    Wings for a crowd on the WSM .

    My experiments cooking for other people don't come out as good. Great job! You had me with that list pic. I thought it was snowing somewhere
  16. Rick Body

    redemtion beef short ribs

    That's a pretty good video Enrico. When I have done them, I did trim/scrape a little more fat off of them as there is a lot of marbled fat in the meat. The first ones I did I used a my regular butt rub and thought they were too seasoned so from then on I just use Webers Steak and Chop with a...
  17. Rick Body

    Non Traditional Pork Butt Experiment

    I was going to get up and smoke a 5 lb butt yesterday, but due to circumstances within my control (late night poker playing) I did not get up in time So I decided to try something different Here is what I started with, we've all seen these before I decided to quarter it up and try 4...
  18. Rick Body

    Converting from NG to LP-worth it?

    I would just be patient and keep looking. Sometimes they wont pop up for a while then all of sudden you will have a few to choose from. Both my gasser and my performer took some time to find on CL. The performer took even longer, but I got very good prices on both. Sometimes it sucks waiting...
  19. Rick Body

    Alternative to Mav.........

    I have the thermoworks 8060 and the thermapen that Joe mentioned and I love them. The 8060 has several different probe options including a heavy duty high heat meat probe. And you cant beat the thermapen IMHO.
  20. Rick Body

    Sand Or Water ???

    Cy, just use the clay saucer as a heat sink (per say, it doesn't really soak up too much heat like heating water does) It will make it easier to control temps without spikes. Just wrap it in foil and set it in the dry water pan. It works very well. I no longer use water due to the clay saucer